How to fix a settling porch?

by James

Hi there,I have house that I am working on (building kitchen amongst other jobs), and the porch is settling. I need to level it, perhaps to tile it, or just a paint job. I have considered concrete jacking but after speaking to a concrete jacking company, they they told me it would be too risky to jack because of the small cracks - it risks breaking the slab off.If I am to consider other options, then it seems obvious to add a level on top - but this obviously doesn't solve the settling issue.Does anyone have any experience in concrete structural support? Could I just dig underneath it the slab and add another slab or post beneath to stop further settling, and then add my layer of concrete or screed on top?There is a flower bed and poor drainage from downpipes that are contributing to the settling. So fixing that is my first port of call.Any advice or thoughts are welcome, thanks.

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  • That's a problem for sure. Obviously the columns support the porch roof too. If it were my house, I would have a consult with a foundation specialist. A soils expert might not be a bad idea either, but that might have to wait for spring. I would halt any further interior renovation until such time as this can be addressed. When adjusting the porch, it could also affect the main structure and then measurements would need to be assessed again.

  • William William on Feb 02, 2019

    Naomie has got it. You need a foundation contractor to assess the situation. Digging under the slab and adding bracing may just aggravate the problem more. Also adding any extra weight will just cause it to sink more.

  • J J on Feb 02, 2019

    It looks as if the extension was recently placed over the rain gutter pipe? The soil under that corner has been compromised and the only fix "I" see is a very expensive one of removing column, and concrete slab and repair.

  • Ken Erickson Ken Erickson on Feb 02, 2019

    Is the current slab poured over an original patio? One solution may be to use a jack hammer and break up the slab. Provide temporary roof support. Then build a wood deck if water has a way to drain away afterwards. You don't want to have a mosquito pond under the deck.

  • Janice Janice on Feb 02, 2019

    There are professional companies that can assess the problem. sometimes they jack up the sinking area and can brace it, then fill the empty area with concrete and allow to set up and then lower the existing concrete back down to level the entire area. I'd suggest starting there and see what they say needs done and ask for an estimate. Then you'll know if it is a diy project you can accomplish.

  • Zeldazim Zeldazim on Feb 03, 2019

    we had the same problem. Hired a company that drilled holes in the slab and injected a foam that raised the slab as we watched. The foam fills any voids that may exist from water washing it out of whatever. Our porch is 30 feet long. It was expensive but not as much as tearing out the whole thing and repouring. Yours looks like its actually broken and only sinking on that corner, so possibly not as expensive, but since it supports a roof, I think it's something you really need to address.