How do I fix this (pic attached)?

Stephanie Ward
by Stephanie Ward

How do I fix this crack in my concrete patio? What is best product to use? I have no clue what this stuff was that was before. Can anyone help me?stephanie Ward

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  • Kmdreamer Kmdreamer on Jul 26, 2019

    That’s just caulk just add more or you could get cement patch and cement it that is used because of the heat things expand in the heat so caulk moves

  • Seth Seth on Jul 26, 2019


    It looks like the patio has sunken down from its original height. You may want to consider getting as estimate to jack it back up. For now, the easiest thing to use is a self-leveling concrete caulk, which can be found in any hardware store. Scrape off all the old residue, clean out the joint, and apply the caulk. You can find YouTubes demonstrating how to do this.

    • Stephanie Ward Stephanie Ward on Jul 26, 2019

      Hey Seth! Thanks for your suggestions! If it were your home, which process would you choose!



  • Seth Seth on Jul 26, 2019

    How big is the patio and how badly has it sunk? It's hard to say without seeing the whole thing. Another question is why did it sink and is it causing any existing or future foundation issues? Is water now running towards your foundation or is there still enough pitch to make it run away from the foundation? How much do you use this patio? How long will you live in this house? I have a 15x20 patio outside my walk-out basement that has a similar issue, but not as bad. We don't use it for entertaining so I just sealed the joint and will not spend a lot of money on it until I have to if it gets worse. The estimate will not cost you anything and will help determine which direction you want to go. If it is not causing any issue and you don't mind how it looks, just seal the joint and be done with it. Know that the caulk will not exactly match the color of your patio.

  • William William on Jul 26, 2019

    The slab has sunk. Caulk just broke and split as it sunk. Scrape off the caulk. Fill the gap with caulk backer rod. Comes in different thicknesses. Then apply fresh caulk. The slab will continue to move so you need something flexible. If the slab continues to sink you will need to address that problem. Either having it jacked up or replaced.