Asked on Aug 29, 2015

Seal gap between different styles of roofing

by Kelly
I recently bought a home and had the main roof stripped and shingled. The dilemma is there is a porch addition that has a metal roof. Leak is an understatement! I was told I should lift overlays of metal sheets and run a bead of silicone caulk the entire length then tighten screws back in place: easy enough the dilemma is there is a 2 inch drop from shingles to metal and a 2-3" gap between metal and siding. Even though I have no knowledge of roofing it doesn't take a rocket scientist to realize the flashing between was just hap haphazardly installed, it can be pulled away with very little effort and is allowing rain to drain from one roof to the other getting under the metal and causing leaks. Due to the fact the contractor was hired to fix this issue but instead took off after being paid, leaving me financially shot I need the least expensive "fix" for this gap, that I can do myself, to seal it and get me through the upcoming winter until I can $$ regroup and have it redone completely. I've heard that the spray can foam is and option but truly have no idea. HELP PLEASE.
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  • DeeDee Davila DeeDee Davila on Aug 30, 2015
    That area is called a "Cricket"i and if you notice there should be a thin layer of "felt" between the metal roofing and wood frame molestation of that could cause water to then go under the metal roofing and the wood frame to then allow water ie moisture under this area . Not good if it were me and i couldnt hire someone to repair it i would get Hardyback to mend the difference in roof depth.but im not a pro but i have recently had a large amout of construction done.
  • R Walter R Walter on Aug 30, 2015
    If you have a Mueller Building dealership in your area they can custom crease flashing of any size and color to match your metal roof in an L shape, make the riser the height from the metal to the shingle roof and then place another sheet of L shaped flashing under the shingles far enough to keep from leaking and down over the shaped piece. Use roofing nails on the shingles and rubber tipped sheet metal screws on the metal side in the ridges only. They had to do this on my roof to keep the water out of my enclosed garage. If you just use two L shaped straight flashing pieces, be sure the one touching the metal roof is long enough to stop rain blow back Or you could get a Z shaped piece with extra length on the wings.. As for leaking between the individual sheets they make double sided sticky tape to put between the two pieces to stop the transfer of moisture. You can get this at the metal building supply also If it is leaking where a screw missed or is in a valley, silicone caulk will work., back the screw out a bit apply silicone and re-screw. This should be a relatively easy fix and if you can access the area yourself or have a handy man do it the fix is permanent.
    • Kelly Kelly on Aug 30, 2015
      @R Walter ok gna try this again. have written a reply 3 times and it keeps disappearing. briefly-I sealed the strips with silicone and tar. holding nicely. No Mueller here but Im going to print out your responce and take it to the Supplier I use after measuring of course. Thank you so much for explaining the process. Being my own handy woman, having kids who aren't inclined to help and an ex who has exited I am teaching myself maintenance and repair with Utube and kind souls like yourself. Thank you very much!
  • Julie Yeary Julie Yeary on Aug 30, 2015
    Roofing tar.
    • Kelly Kelly on Aug 30, 2015
      @Julie Yeary ... the gap is too wide for that, but i did use it to seal the gaps in the overlay of metal sheets, seems to be holding, but I was literally like a "cat on a hot tin roof" and ended up with more tar on myself than the roof.....but got it done!!!
  • DeeDee Davila DeeDee Davila on Aug 31, 2015
    Please PLEASE do NOT even consider roof tar..... it IS USED ON SHINGLES metal roofing is generally over lapped on shingles. flashing with hardyback may be the Simple solution and the idea that you would even consided the Tar suggestion made my hair stand on end. An option MAY BE to simply use flashing to redirect the flow of water it will likely NOT repair the problem . But may slow the water down PLEASE DONT USE ROOF TAR It could do IRRIPRABLE damage BUT you will have to use a silicone sealant to msnage the gaps
  • Julie Yeary Julie Yeary on Sep 01, 2015
    I didn't know that we are getting ready to fix ours with tar but ours is shingles.
  • Kelly Kelly on Sep 02, 2015
    Thank you I sealed the gapping problem with the silicone along the ridges of the sheets of roofing. Have not attempted the gap between roofs yfet.
  • DORLIS DORLIS on Sep 08, 2015