What can I use to stabilize the skirting on my mobile home?

Kathy Chojnacki
by Kathy Chojnacki
I’m a widow living in a mobile home. I have wood landscape timbers under the skirting now, but my yard is unusuallily wet and the ground has moved. Now my skirting is off-kilter and won’t stay in the bottom rail. I have it taped to the top piece that holds the skirting in place, but that isn’t working anymore. Can anyone help me?
As you can see, the landscape timber can’t even be seen. It’s insde the skirting instead of underneath it. It’s actually worse than the photo shows. The skirting bows out, then back in and it is like this around the entire house. Thank youicon
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  • Bijous Bijous on May 16, 2018

    If your skirting is bowing, the home has shifted also. Have it re-leveled. Good luck.

  • Kim Kim on May 17, 2018

    Landscaping timbers are too light and move easily. We had railroad ties put under our double wide and have never had trouble. Also, do you have rain gutters on your house? We had to put gutters on ours and had the downspouts drain far away from our house so water doesn’t sit near the skirting.. best of luck

  • Jen29200817 Jen29200817 on May 17, 2018

    Could put brick under it.

  • Janice Janice on May 17, 2018

    We used landscaping timbers on the bottom of the under pinning, and put rods through them to stabilize thm. They haven' moved. That way we don't have to worry about hitting the underpinning when we use the weed eater.

  • Kathy Bitzan Kathy Bitzan on May 17, 2018

    Being a widow this make it hard to know what to do, call around for prices as I'm thinking it is not a do it yourself type job.. I wouldn't do it any way. Call your local mobile home dealer and ask them for advice. I have a place for parts that I can call for advice when I need it. they usually have a list of companies that can help. Hopefully it won't break the bank. You could also try Yelp in your local area or google handy man and see what comes up. Make sure they are reputable and they see woman easy to scam so beware and get several estimates and find out exactly what they will be doing. My neighbor had hers releveled a few years ago. I hope this helps.. I have mine up for sale because I can no longer care for it.

    • Kathy Chojnacki Kathy Chojnacki on May 17, 2018

      Thank you. It sounds like it will be expensive to have someone else do it. Do you know how much your neighbor paid? I know what you mean about upkeep. They’re a lot of work. Good luck with wherever you move next.

  • Animalhouse Animalhouse on May 17, 2018

    You might try to see if your state has a weatherization program in place for seniors. Go to your government community senior service programs and check it out.

  • Mogie Mogie on May 18, 2018

    Some churches do handy work for their church members. Some organizations do that also. What about your kids?

  • Kathy Bitzan Kathy Bitzan on May 18, 2018

    If I remember right it cost her about 300.00 her kitchen floor was sagging and made the rest off. Very old single wide mobile. But I think the guy was related to her brother in law so she might of gotten a deal. It doesn't hurt to get a free estimate or other ideas from them when you call. I wish I could be of more help.

  • Sheltiemorning Sheltiemorning on May 18, 2018

    go to HomeAdvisor.com

  • Laura Cooper Laura Cooper on May 19, 2018

    Kathy, skirting should be a little short so that it floats as it expands and contracts. When I installed mine, there were screws we placed on the panels every few inches at the top of the panels per Mfg instructions. The screw heads catch on the lip of the trim so the panels won't fall out as your ground heaves and contracts. I'll look for a tutorial link...

  • Laura Cooper Laura Cooper on May 19, 2018

    Mine is a different type of skirting than yours, but I found instructions that look right for your style of skirting. It appears to me that step C of the attached instructions was not completed properly. It's a little work, but not heavy work so you can probably do this yourself. https://mobilehomepartsstore.com/vinyl_skirting_installation.html

  • Kathy Bitzan Kathy Bitzan on May 19, 2018

    I wish you well in getting that accomplished. My neighbor after she left the new people put in new skirting made of wood and attached it to the home and added some trim work to finish it off. They pre painted most of it. It looks really nice.