What can I use to repair a missing wing tip on my cement angel?

Marti Insall
by Marti Insall
I want to make the repair, then paint the angel cream color and then finish up with black antiquing.

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  • Rose Broadway Rose Broadway on Jul 30, 2017

    This should do the job for you. I know it's the glue my husband used to build a concrete stone wall. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O47aMCS2cpw

  • Gayle Tucker Gayle Tucker on Jul 31, 2017

    Do you still have the tip of the wing? If so, the above suggestion is great. If the tip is lost, go to a craft store and purchase a silicon mold kit and some waterproof plaster powder. Follow instructions on mixing the silicon and cover the remaining wing tip with plastic wrap(very tightly and as smoothly as possible. Apply the silicon mold mixture and let dry. Slit down each side and slowly peel the cured silicon mold off. You now have your mold. Tape your silicon mold together except for the top edge which will be the opening for you to pour your plaster in. Mix your plaster and pour into the mold. There will be seepage but you can clean up your edges after the plaster sets . Carefully remove the silicon mold and clean up the new wing tip. Attach with Liquid Miracle.

  • Carol Carol on Jul 31, 2017

    how crafty are you? polymer clay is good to make the wing tip and it will dry as hard as the cement. you can then paint it... but you need to know how to model it.

  • Peggy Peggy on Jul 31, 2017

    Modeling clay.

  • Marti Insall Marti Insall on Jul 31, 2017

    Thanks Peggy, but it is a cement statue and will be outside.