Clogged bath room sink drain

Bathroom Sink is clogged, liquid plummer helped for a while back to sos, can,t afford a $200.00 plummer. any suggestions? I am a women soooo

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  • Allison Newby Allison Newby on Oct 08, 2017
    aAsk a friend or a neighbor if they have a snake you could use to possibly unclog your bathroom sink. Tell them you don't know what you're doing and kind of nervous. Also, do not mix different types of chemicals down the drain BC if its clogged and not draining it could cause a chemical reaction and mess up your pipes. I would just ask some friend to help that is knowledgeable with this and hopefully it can be unclogged. Good luck.

  • Kim Fox Kim Fox on Oct 08, 2017
    Go to the counter section at Lowes or Home Depot

  • Michael Michael on Oct 08, 2017
    Being a woman shouldn't make a difference. Buy a "plumbers snake" and use it. Watch a youtube video and twist it good. When you pull the snake out, don't faint at all the gunk. haha

  • Sharon Depatie Sharon Depatie on Oct 08, 2017
    You can rent a “snake” from HOME DEPOT. Push it down into your drain pipe & a possible hair nest could be loosened at a bend. Often if you disconnect the drain pipe under the sink (use a bucket to catch any water in pipes), you may find your clog is just in the “U” bend of the drain pipe. Try the this first & then go with the snake. ALWAYS wear rubber gloves & wash everything with bleach afterwards, since the drain contents are full of bacteria. Good Luck!! PS. Can’t a friend help you out??

  • Tp629913902 Tp629913902 on Oct 08, 2017
    yes 1 part vinegar, 2 parts water, pour baking soda down the drain first,then pour in the vinegar mix,cover the drain ,let sit for 20-30 minuets.

  • Stephen Justin Stephen Justin on Oct 08, 2017
    Big box or local hdware store sells long multi pronged plastic snake. Works for me every time.