Basement floods every time it rains

I live about 2 miles from the Calumet river. I was told that some kind of flood gaits are opened every time it rains to keep the river from overflowing. This summer the rains were frequent and severe. Even though the basement flooded the water always wen right down very quickly. My husband says that we need a one way valve installed. I'm afraid to put my brand new laundry appliances down there for fear they'll be ruined.
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  • You cannot put the machines in the basement! These new electronic machines will not handle and void your warranty if moisture is an issue. Sounds like you need to get estimates from professionals on remedying the flooding issue! Do not put the appliances down there-rust and corrosion will be inevitable.

  • Darla Darla on Oct 23, 2014
    You need to put an automatic sump pump down there. I wouldn't put your appliances down there, though, or anything else that could get ruined.

  • Perhaps you already have a check valve also installed that does not work. Does this same thing happen to your neighbors? If not and it is isolated to your home alone, and its coming in from the back up of the drainage pipes in the floor. Get a new or replace the old check valve as your husband suggests. Also remember that you need national flood insurance to protect you against this issue. Your normal home owners insurance will not cover this and the damage that is caused by the back ups. Remember that this water can contain dangerous bacteria and should be carefully cleaned and sanitized after the backup occurs. This may be something that a professional needs to do for you.

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    • Sheila Selman Sheila Selman on Oct 25, 2014
      @Scorpiogirl39 I agree with Woodbridge environmental, get all the flooded neighbors together and bombard the city/county with your issues of water and insist they correct it and have your basements professionally cleaned and bring a mold remediator in asap!!

  • Why put a sump inside your house when you could probably stop the water from ever getting in your home in the first place...for less money