How can I fix a SERIOUS drainage problem by my front porch?

by HisRib
We live on a rural hillside & during heavy rain, water rushes down our gravel driveway, makes a 90° turn, and pools in the parking area under our carport;
the sidewalk runs parallell and, over time, it has sunk to the point that it is now below ground level. Last year, we laid patio blocks on top of the sidewalk (after 1st photo was taken) but the added weight has caused it to sink even more (sometimes it is completely under water!) We tried trenching out an area (2nd photo) but that helps only with yard drainage, not the parking area.
Can someone kindly tell these senior citizens the most cost-effective way to solve this problem? Any help is much appreciated!
q how can i fix a serious drainage problem by my front porch
q how can i fix a serious drainage problem by my front porch
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  • BrenC BrenC on May 13, 2017
    Obviously, your area is flooding due to the difference in elevation and lack of drainage through catch basins or sewers, we had a similar problem and eventually had to have a trench grate installed that runs across our full pavered driveway. Pavers were removed and replaced on either side of it so it was quite a job. As low as the driveway is you would probably have to have it backfilled to raise the elevation and slope it toward additional drainage area. Unfortunately, this is not a DIY project and should be tackled by a reputable contractor.

  • Sallie Wolff Sallie Wolff on May 13, 2017
    You have a bit of work ahead of you but this should help from the area where your downspout is or the beginning where the problem starts. You want to create a rock river to slow down the water flow to end in a little pond or pool right before the 90° turn. You also want to plant variety of plants & or shrubs that will help with stopping the erosion. Unfortunately with the sidewalk you will need to either hire a company that can raise it & back fill or just add gravel over it along with adding back to your driveway. Granite breaks down over time try adding some road base over it, it locks down better. Good luck unfortunately we had a similar problem but it wa entering our basement it took a lot of work but finally got it there. For ideas go to Pinterest & search dry creek bed for pictures on how to create.

    • HisRib HisRib on May 15, 2017
      Thanks, Lynda, for your comment and for the link! I will check it out!

  • Chris aka monkey Chris aka monkey on May 14, 2017
    i am not an expert but it looks to me like a small ditch with one of the large concrete tubes (the kind cars drive over) should have been placed at the end of the driveway so water would continue downward instead of turning into your drive, this would help if you could afford it and like someone said sidewalk would have to be dug up or covered over , ask around friends or local big box store for someone reliable good luck xx

  • John John on May 14, 2017
    I lived in the Appalachians growing up....we had this problem from two sides. dig a shallow ditch along the drive where the water starts to turn...lay in 3" pvc pipe and divert the water to where you want it. this ditch must begin in the middle of the drive ...use an elbow to make it point upwards for the water to go into and put on a grate end a shower drain, but made for pvc. I can't tell you how many pipes, curves or joints you will need because I don't know where you want the water to go....just measure where you want the end of the pipe to the middle of the drive...if you need to capture more water....cut the ditch the width of the road/drive before the turn (it only needs to be about 6" wide and shallow...about 4" deep)...concrete the bottom and the sides (should be in a u shape) slope the ditch to one side into the drain pipe placed on that side and not in the drive. for this job, you may want to rent a ditch witch for a day...should be able to rent for a day under $100. wish I lived near you..I work for lemonade and cookies (especially chocolate chip or peanut butter)...for great experience-volunteer for habitat for humanity...learn everything from carpentry, electrical, plumbing, painting, roofing and concrete work...or show this to a friend and see if they can do it for you....local boy scout troops or church youth may do it for community service projects...ask around

    • HisRib HisRib on May 15, 2017
      John, I wouldn'the mess with chintzy little cookies...nah, for you, steak dinner and a really great homemade apple pie or cherry cobbler Going to forward to hubby's email & print it out so it will be handy. Kind thanks for your help and for all you do to help others. The world needs more folks like you!

  • Rodger Tucker Rodger Tucker on May 14, 2017
    You need to thicken your driveway up considerally with 1" clean rock at the low end to a gradual taper out.

    • HisRib HisRib on May 15, 2017
      Thanks, Rodger! Yes, we are getting a couple of loads of gravel for this project, hadn'the considered pea gravel, good idea!

  • Anna Anna on May 14, 2017
    All I can focus on is the leveling out, same as the comment above me, by Rodger Tucker. I think everyone's drainage ideas are great. But if cost is an issue, consider, simply moving the earth around. Create the downward flow you need, by simply digging out trenches. Then building up with rock & pea-gravel... Good luck:)

  • Danielle Odin Danielle Odin on May 15, 2017
    I had a somewhat similar problem when I had a house at the mid point of a hill. I was getting flooding under the house and it had no place to go. This caused mold and mildew inside the house, I dug a trench all around the part of the house that did not have concrete paving. I added some gravel in the trench and the PVC pipe. Then I made a concrete cover, The pipe was run to a lower corner and diverted downhill. It helped a lot.

    • HisRib HisRib on May 15, 2017
      Thank you, Danielle! When you say, you added a "concrete cover", what do you mean?

  • John John on May 15, 2017
    I was raised to be creative ....grew up in Appalachian mountains were money was like Tom Sawyer, I always find the easiest way out...I try to use skills I have to help anyone in need...How I help dumb blondes-take shoes out of closet...use a marker...put TGIF on the heels....reminds them that when putting on shoes Toe Go In First... see I am full of wit

    • HisRib HisRib on May 15, 2017
      Great wit, our daughter is blonde, she will appreciate the shoe tip

  • Rodger Tucker Rodger Tucker on May 15, 2017
    I didn't mean pea gravel unless you would put that down first.(it moves around too much),What I meant was 1" clean(it is a 1" limestone rock).If that settles in good and you've got a little room for more depth then I would apply 1" minus rock on top of it.That will harden up pretty good after it is driven on.