How to fix a slow drain

I have a double bowl sink and just one side drains slow/ How do I remedy this problem

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  • Suellen Hintz Suellen Hintz on Dec 16, 2017
    Any drain unclogging product will work. At bedtime pour it into the slow side, or both. Leave it overnight. Run water through the next morning. If it didn't work, repeat. If it doesn't work the second time it might be a utensil down in there.

  • Rose Broadway Rose Broadway on Dec 16, 2017
    Before using a product, use this. It's the best $2 I ever spent!!

  • William William on Dec 16, 2017
    Cover the drain that isn't running slow with damp paper towels. Pour some baking soda down the slow drain. Then pour some vinegar down. Immediately cover the drain with damp paper towels and press down on both drains. The pressure of the baking soda foaming should push the clog through. Flush with hot water.

  • Rhoda Rhoda on Dec 16, 2017
    Look for a long plastic drain stick. Be prepared when you insert it and pull it up out of the drain. A lit of "gunk" will be pulled out. Do both drains to be sure. Run hot water down drains afterwards. Best of luck!

  • Pat Pat on Dec 16, 2017
    Rose, I bought one of those things...Peerless-Zip-It Drain....and it would not work on my bathtub because of all the curlicues in the plumbing....gave it to my granddaughter to use since she has long hair and needed it for her sink. Thought it would be just what I needed but not! She uses it successfully.

  • Nancy Turner Nancy Turner on Dec 16, 2017
    The drain cleaning tool is like a small flexible plastic strip with barbs to grab hair in the drain. Use that to get as much out as you can from both sides. Put baking soda in both sides, at least a 1/4 cup each side, pour vinegar down both sides and let them fizz for a while. Finish with a rinse of a gallon of boiling water between the two sides. This will finish getting rid of any gunk left on the inside of the pipes from soap that the foaming didn't take care of. The vinegar also will clean up anything that may be growing in the pipes. If this doesn't clean up the one side, perhaps there is something caught in the pipe on that side that can't go down any further. You should be able to remove the pipes to check if you need to.