Asked on Oct 12, 2012

How to identify the brand/model of my toilet?

Holly R
by Holly R
The bolts inside my toilet tank have rusted and will need to be replaced, as the tank is slowly leaking into a trash can. My dad is helping me do it, but asked if I know the brand of the toilet as he couldn't locate any identifying marks on it the other day when he looked. Is there a standard location where a brand or model # would be stamped on it? We want to make sure to get the correct parts at the hardware store when we buy new ones. It's an elongated bowl design. Thanks!
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  • 3po3 3po3 on Oct 12, 2012
    My toilet is a Crane, and it has the brand and model number on the upper left corner inside the tank (directly behind the flush lever). I just checked a couple of companies' websites, and they list the same location for their model numbers.
  • KMS Woodworks KMS Woodworks on Oct 13, 2012
    Kohlers likes to use 3 bolt systems for a lot of there's. Two bolt ones are more common. You can get basic generic rebuild kits that have tank bolts washers etc. some also come with the big foam like gasket for the tank to bowl connection. a kit like this normally does the trick...if you only need two bolts get that kind of kit
  • Gail Salminen Gail Salminen on Oct 13, 2012
    If you can, drain the toilet and bring one into Home Depot or Lowes and they will help you pick out one that is appropriate. I have done this with other items and their suggestions always worked. Other wise, check the inside and underside of the tank for a name - you may need a flashlight.
  • These types of bolts are standard bowl and tank bolts. They come in one size only. If you had a special brand toilet that required a special type of bolt the name of the toilet would be found inside of the tank. or embossed into the finish. Both the bolts and the rubber ring that goes between the bowl and the tank are standard items, much like the wax ring that seals it to the drain.
  • Holly R Holly R on Oct 17, 2012
    Thank you everyone! :)
  • Kathy Kathy on Jun 08, 2015
    I have an American Standard toilet. The washers around the bolts that attach the tank to the bowl disintegrated. I have checked everywhere for the same size bolts and washers, but no one stocks this size. So it appears that not all bolts are standard. I will be forced to buy a new tank since I can't find these items.
  • Sue Sanders Sue Sanders on Mar 01, 2016
    My Kohler stools are marked with their name just behing the stool lid...on the extension of stool that connectes to the tank. I think the employee working in the stool department would be able to help you with the bolt size....ike Gail Salminen suggested, ..take a bolt to Lowe's to get the right size.