How to install a tankless water heater?

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  • Dianacirce70 Dianacirce70 on Dec 29, 2017
    First you need to make sure your house has the proper volatage coming to it. We were going to install one, but its an additional $2500 to run the correct wiring from the pole to our house. Once you have that figured out here is a tutorial I found that might help

  • Dfm Dfm on Dec 29, 2017
    I would have an electrician do it. There may be city. County and state codes to be met.

  • You can call your utility company for info on this. Whether the tank is electric or gas powered will determine how you proceed. I had to have my utility company run a gas line to the house and the price for line is related to the length they will install. Then the plumber did the rest. You are probably required by law to use licensed installers because of the fire/explosion risk. We loved our tankless water-heater but people with teenagers who take long showers can find their utility bill increases because the kids use way more water when it never cools off. We had the water heat (old tank style) leak and do damage to the floor and sub floor... the tank-less heater was outside the house so this kind of leak will not ever happen again.