I have to replace the wax ring under my toilet.

I am fairly handy, and have watched a couple of how to's. But want to make sure there is not anything specific I need to prepare for.

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  • Sam Sam on Oct 28, 2017
    I have pulled many toilets to replace the wax rings. This is usually done because a leak from under the toilet has been noticed. I am always concerned I might find floor damage resulting in a much larger job--cutting out and replacing subfloor.

  • Anne Beck Anne Beck on Oct 28, 2017

  • Answer this Hometalker's question!it is fairly straightforward, you can do this. Here is a link, get help moving the toilet - they are cumbersome and heavy!

  • Jane McVeigh McNee Jane McVeigh McNee on Oct 28, 2017

    no nothing specific, it is actually quite easy to do, my biggest part was putting the toilet back on to the ''ring''.. (the toilet is heavy, so hubby had to lift it) and make sure you have the wax ring, right side up... you will see when you remove from package that the top end that the toilet sits on it slightly curved up..
    you will be an expert in no time good luck.

  • Deanna Nassar Deanna Nassar on Oct 28, 2017
    Place towels under the supply line to catch leftover water from tank Also in area where you will tip over the seat to work on. While it's up check the floor for soundness. Be sure old ring is removed completely from bottom of toilet and the pipe under it. The vids probably covered all that but it helps to plan for the clean up afterwards. Oh, you might want to check the condition of flapper ball and float while in there and possibly replace them while you have it apart anyway.

  • Cha27443988 Cha27443988 on Oct 28, 2017
    Super easy! I just changed mine out a few months ago and it was my first plumbing DIY. I bought the non-wax ring and it worked like a charm.

  • Tonya Tonya on Oct 28, 2017
    We did both of ours when we bought our house and it was pretty easy. Take your tablet or pho with you, just in case you need to go step by step.