Old trailer with mold/electrical/plumbing issues

Let me start by saying that this is the first place of my own that I can call mine & it was handed down I'm very grateful..
But I didn't realize before how much it was gonna be a pain.
My roommates father in law told me this place isn't for women..
I'm just going to type the issues & if you could help I'd appreciate a response..

  • There's mold under kitchen sink.. I have to have it completely repalced.. the countertops the sink is on is warped.. so directly across sink is washer & dryer & the floor in between is extremely waved... uneven. Is there black mold swallowing my entire kitchens floor if so can I fix it???
  • It's been about 16° so of course my pipes busted. I have fixed/replaced twice & everything's good from all I know I have left water dripping. Now I left the cold water dripping in the kitchen but I can't get the hot to run? Are you supposed to have both temps dripping?? In the bathroom I had the hot temp dripping so now the cold water won't come out from there & the toilet won't flush...
  • I found it odd our trailer was poorly insulated until a friend who fixed pipes said while he was doing so he kept getting shocked...soo I'm guessing it's a bad idea to wrap pipes??
I really don't mind having it looking ghetto for the following (if I can avoid it tho..im really worried bout being able to stay warm for now)
  • Windows. Some are broken. How can I cover them effectively to insulate my home it's literally becoming too cold to live here... we have little electric heaters but there's a bad draft.. I used this black plastic thing it's thick/strong I think it goes under flooring to insulate it idk.
  • It seems like the floor/ceiling isn't reaching the Walls all the way in some areas...can I just caulk or fill with dry wall putty???
I'm sure there's more but this is all I can stand typing for now... is it worth it? Am I looking at a lost cause? Please help...

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  • Dfm Dfm on Jan 02, 2018
    get a roll of 3 or 4 mil. plastic sheeting. cover all windows and use a blue painters tape to secure the plastic. if you can, cover them from the out side as well use a duct tape.

    heat tape on the plumbing pipes. or a heat lamp & leave the cupboard doors open where the pipes are. caulk every opening/ crack on the inside perimeter base boards. caulk around plumbing fixtures where they come up thru the floor, electrical wires as well. put outlet pads on the electrical sockets, use child safty plugs as well. caulk around the ceiling light fixtures. weather stripping on the doors, draft dogs to cover bottom of doors..you can use a large towel and roll it up to fit. next spring caulk and repair the windows, have the duct work inspected for any gaps/cracks an get them taped up as well. get a insulated blanket for the water heater.if its not out side... you can wrap it up now.

    all this is called weather sealing- if you meet income guidelines you might qualify to have team come out to help you, call your utilities company or look online by state to see who to call.

    i too had black mold issues when i moved into this place 1/2 white vinegar/1/2 water is what i used to kill it and the spores. it does require vigilance, check for new areas daily and treat.

    about the larger gaps- you may need a backer rod to hold the caulk in place, its a closed cell foam, round shaped and comes in different thicknesses. worth it.

    i worked on it a little bit each day, but the weather was warmer. i still need to get the garage door sealed up, but not in neg 15 degrees.

  • Dfm Dfm on Jan 02, 2018
    p.s. home talker "william" was a huge help.

  • Chuck Gow Chuck Gow on Jan 02, 2018
    tuct tape , Polly & spray foam (gap filler will be your Freind -apply over/in any areas you feel a draft -untill the summer. as for pipes freezing , I ended up getting insulating foam from the restore & insulating the sides of were any pipes are exposed , then ran heat lamps (light bulbs) close to all the pipes (under toilet drain) & yes left tap WARM water dripping . We found a smaller electric furnace at the used re store as well & just wired it up (leaning on wall in kitchen, it's a "bit ghetto" but we are finally warm & have water! infrared heaters are Awsome! Hope your staying warm

  • Ken Ken on Jan 02, 2018
    From a broader perspective... If your manufactured home was built after 1977, and if the roof does not leak, the problems you describe are relatively minor.

    Pipes were leaking in the kitchen. You need to cut and replace everything that the water touched. Others have given good advice on dealing with mold.

    Heat tape is standard issue for manufactured home plumbing. You may have a defective one and the only way to know is unplug it and check to see if there is still power running through the pipe.

    Your plumbing is not properly grounded. You will need to make a path to ground for your metal water pipes since that is the method most used to ground a home electrical system. This usually involves a couple of clamps, some copper wire and a long stake driven into the ground.

    If the walls and ceilings are coming apart, it is more important to understand why than just fixing the gap. If you don't find out why they are coming apart the separation will continue.

    I have been where you are and the key is to tackle one problem at a time and fix the heck out of it. By that I mean that you should not simply repair what you see, but make sure you understand what caused the problem and take care of the root issue so well that you don't have to think about it again. Then it's on to the next issue. There will always be more issues.

  • Tiffany Chapman Tiffany Chapman on Jan 29, 2018
    Thanks everyone so much