Replacing glass in storm door

by Robin
I have a storm door that has a full-length, one piece of glass in it. The glass has come out of the frame that is directly around the glass. I don't see any clips in the corners of the frame to take apart. Looks like "dimples". The glass is not broken, YET, and haven't messed with it, because I don't want to break the glass. Is there a way to get the glass back in its frame?
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  • Those dimples on the corners is how from the factory they fasten the corner splices in. They assemble the frame parts using a L shaped insert and once its all together they use a machine to crimp (dimple) those L shaped inserts from coming apart. Somehow the frame expanded enough to allow the glass to come out. Normally the glass simply breaks. The glass is tempered. Meaning it becomes harder to break when hitting it and when it does break it forms beads of glass instead of shards that can cut you as the glass falls. The issue with this type of glass is that the edges become really fragile. If you put to much pressure on the edge or simply bump it to hard the entire glass will crumble to the floor. So to fix this you will need a bit of luck and lots of careful planning. The frame needs to come apart on at least one end. A rubber mallet should do the trick. Simply hit the inside of the frame to force the corner L out of place. Once you remove one end, you should be able to place the glass back into the frame. Then very carefully assemble the frame end back into place using the mallet again only on the corner to push the frame together. Your frame may also have a rubber liner in which the glass rests. If this is the case, you may want to take some liquid soap or silicon spray to lubricate the edges so the glass slips into the frame easier. Ideally the soap works the best. As once is dries the slipperiness goes away. With silicon sprays it takes a much longer time so you risk the glass frame coming apart again. Once the frame and glass is back into place you need to assure that the corners do not come apart again. you could use a very tiny drill and drill through the frame and the bracket then using a small paper clip push it in and cut it off flush. Use some epoxy glue to hold the pin into place. This will assure that the corner will not come apart. If your worried about drilling to close to the glass edge if you can at all. Use a good quality epoxy on the corner just before you push it in all the way so it locks it into place. If your uncomfortable doing this a glass shop would do this for you at a very low cost. If your carrying the glass around, do it on its edge, Do not carry the glass flat or you will risk bending it and causing it to shatter.
  • Robin Robin on Oct 20, 2014
    Thank you so very much! After reading this, I feel more comfortable attempting this myself.
  • Robin Robin on Oct 20, 2014
    Wow, that glass is strong! I have abused it and it is still holding. I finally got the one corner to let loose. Seems the only thing wrong was the gasket was messed up and not letting it all come together. The gasket is in one piece and not brittle. The only issue is the L bracket. It snapped at the initial corner that I broke free, in turn breaking the other corner bracket. Should I just go ahead and take all four corners apart, have a glass/hardware shop knock the left over pieces out and start over? Or is there an easier way to get those broken pieces out?