Fixing a front door trim

by Phyllis
Hi, I have a front door that has a glass insert in the top half. Although I love and need a storm door, I've used a full view storm door over the exterior door which I'm told not to do because of the heat build up. My husband has replaced (grumbling) the trim around the glass more than once because it splits, then breaks from the heat. Does anyone know of a permanent way to fix, disquise or replace the trim? Otherwise, the door is in good condition. Thank you. ( I'm taking down the storm door now. )
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  • Deanna Nassar Deanna Nassar on Jun 29, 2016
    Not sure it this will work. I checked Lowe's online. 0.9375-in x 8-ft Polystyrene Outside Corner Wall Panel Moulding Item # 167204 Model # 82050800356 Not sure on the width on that. Maybe something similar. Cut it like a picture frame and use small finishing nails to attach to door around window. Maybe something make for picture frames. Put in glass opening so that part is against glass and other side against wood part of door. I can remember my Grandfather making something like this for window panes.

  • Galen W. Yoder Galen W. Yoder on Jun 29, 2016
    Have you looked at replacing the wood trim with a composite trim such as Azek, or Boral. Both products have numerous trim profiles that would match your existing wood trim, but are not going to be susceptible to cracking and splitting. I've used both and have determined Boral to be the best option because it paints well, doesn't expand and contract, and holds up well in direct weather. It is made from coal ash, Azek is made of PVC and needs a specific primer before painting.

    • Phyllis Phyllis on Jul 01, 2016
      Ok! Thank you, Galen. Sounds like just what I need. Will definitely check it out. Yay!

  • Tracy Tracy on Jun 30, 2016
    Does your storm door have a screen? We were told unless it is storming to have the screen open part way. What color is your door? Mine was white when we moved in and I painted it a beautiful dark color, causing the trim on the half round window to melt. Repainted a lighter color and have kept the screen open for ventilation has done the trick.

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    • Phyllis Phyllis on Jun 30, 2016
      Chris, we did have a screen for the door, but now trim is already broken and I was wondering if anyone knew of replacement trim that wouldn't break or a hack preferably for it that wouldn't break. Thanks.

  • Sophia,M.,McConnery Sophia,M.,McConnery on Jun 30, 2016
    I keep the screen door screen section open a crack years round.The direct sun is on it in the afternoon/evening.If I do not do this,I can not close the door,use my keys,and the heat between the 2 is horrendous!

    • Phyllis Phyllis on Jun 30, 2016
      Thanks for your reply. We keep a barrier at the bottom between the two doors, but, unfortunately, the damage is already done. I'm thinking there must be something to put in the space around the glass to replace the broken trim, but I don't know what it is.

  • Sophia,M.,McConnery Sophia,M.,McConnery on Jul 01, 2016
    You may have to go with something like vinyl ?

  • Patty Patty on Jul 01, 2016
    Phyllis, Galen Yoder is right about the Boral, it will not crack or break due to the heat, weather does not affect it. and it is easy to work with. I have not had experience with Azek, so I can't tell you about that.

    • Phyllis Phyllis on Jul 01, 2016
      Patricia, sounds like the Boral is for me and already tested by you and Galen. I see a trip to home store soon. Thank you.