How can I make screens for my window?

We rent our apartment and there is a window without a screen. It's a problem due to mosquitos, and we want to attempt to make the screen ourselves. Any tips? I'm a bit intimidated! Thanks
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  • Mary M Braunlich Mary M Braunlich on Apr 23, 2017
    Here is a great site that will walk you through the process. My hubby makes and repairs our screens as needed and saves us a ton of money.

  • Susan Susan on Apr 23, 2017
    I would like the site too to repair screens.

  • Tea21287307 Tea21287307 on Apr 23, 2017
    Honestly, we always take ours to the local hardware store like Ace or your small town hardware store they re-screen screens for like $12 definitely worth the money !!

  • Eleanor Korf Eleanor Korf on Apr 24, 2017
    You can buy the frame, spline, spliner (pushes the spline and screening into the frame), and screening at H.D. or Lowes, Ace Hardware etc. Ask them to show you how to use the equipment. Measure your window carefully before you go to the store (if you have a phone or camera to take pictures all the better) so you know what to buy. If you don't have any equipment to cut the frame pieces they might cut the frames for you. You can buy "L" shaped plastic corners ready for you to slide the frame pieces onto. You might have to innovate a way to hold the screens in place if the windows are not metal with a channel for the screens to fit into. Careful measuring is the key to getting the screens to fit and stay in place.

    It really is a simple job. An exacto knife or utility knife to cut the screen would be helpful, but in a pinch you might get away with a regular knife or if you don't care if some of the excess screening is hanging out a bit a scissors will do.

  • Peanutbutter Peanutbutter on Apr 24, 2017
    Excellent! This is how homeowners used to screen their windows. My old house had clips making it easy to install and remove. You might check your local county, landlords may be required to provide screens.

  • Home depot has a do-it-yourself screen kit.