How can you make a regular sized door fit into a mobile home frame?

The back door to my mobile home is a an odd size - specific to mobile homes. They are extraordinarily expensive. Is there some way to cut down a regular sized door to fit? Anyone have any other ideas to replace the door?

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  • Hi, Jeanine!

    I live in a mobile home as well, and the sizes of the doors definitely pose a challenge when trying to remodel! Unfortunately, a regular sized door would have to have too much cut off of it to fit in the opening. I believe the doors are 74 or 76" tall as compared to 80" for a regular door, and there generally isn't enough room to enlarge the opening. You might be able to visit a mobile home dealer and ask if there is a place that sells used mobile home parts. Maybe they have a door available...

    If you're just wanting something more decorative, both my front and rear doors were solid and I cut an opening in each of them to add a 9-lite glass panel. The post can be found here if you're interested! Good luck with your project - I hope this helps!

  • Gk Gk on Jan 08, 2020

    Hello Jeanine! My MIL lives in a mobile home. She wanted to get a new exterior front door with glass in it to replace the solid door. Initially we checked with several mobile home dealers about purchasing a door that would fit. As Cher said-very expensive. We then checked into buying a regular size exterior size door and frame to replace the door already there and got a few prices from contractors as there would have been some work involved to put a bigger door in that included changing the opening and enlarging it. Of course the door and frame were less than ordering from a mobile home company but adding on the cost of the contractor made the price about the same if not a bit more. So. No new door. The present exterior door is in great shape. We thought about trying to add a glass panel because my MIL wanted more light in that room (she has macular degeneration and is losing her vision-age 92). We have convinced her to remove the heavy drapes from the window and use sheers instead and have added more lighting for her. The suggestion from the mobile home reps was to try and find a used mobile home door but we had no luck finding one that would work.

  • Janice Janice on Jan 08, 2020

    You might place an advertisement on craigslist to wee if any one in your area might have a trailer that has been demolished but parts kept or go to a salvage yard. You could possibly find a replacement in one of those ways.

  • Ken Erickson Ken Erickson on Jan 08, 2020

    A good carpenter could build a door and frame to match what you need. Check with cabinet shops. Maybe send an email to the This Old House website. They go around the country an do things for people. Also check with your local Habitat for Humanity association. They do volunteer work for people.

  • Kathy Gunter Law Kathy Gunter Law on Jan 08, 2020

    If you have a solid door, it can be trimmed. We did that for my daughter and son in law's home.

    My son in law's parents live in a mobile home and they just enlarged their opening and put a regular sized door because they also wanted a storm door.

    Another option might be a salvage or 2nd hand mobile home supplier. It is ridiculous how much they charge for the items.

  • Linda Linda on Jan 08, 2020

    Mobile home doors are usually a little smaller than regular doors. Here is a tutorial that might help.

  • Lifestyles Homes Lifestyles Homes on Jan 15, 2021

    Yes, buy a solid core door & rip it down on a table saw or radial arm saw.

    Keep in mind where the door knob needs to be, when cutting it down.

    Standard exterior doors are 1 3/4ā€ thick.

    Interior doors are 1 1/2ā€ thick.

  • Johnavallance82 Johnavallance82 on May 10, 2021


    You would need to cut it down to size first, but I would suggest you contact Caravan or Mobile home suppliers to see if they can source one for you.