How do you make a dog door air tight?

Debra Runion
by Debra Runion

Having problems with air coming in around the sides of the dog door flaps. Don't really know how to fix. Got a new flap but still having the problem.

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  • Nancy Turner Nancy Turner on Nov 02, 2018

    The best way to fight that problem is to get the dog door that is made for weather extremes to combat the air coming in. The literally have an inner and outer flap. We have one for our dogs (we have four from 15 to 100 pounds). We were worried about getting an extra large one and having wind and drafts come in our back door, so we went with the two flap weather system and have very little problem with cold air. Even the small dog can get through the flaps, although if the larger dogs know she is coming, the bigger ones hold it open for her. We found this system works much better than the single flap and for some reason the flaps don't rip as easily at the top either. We have had ours for three years know and the flaps are going great. Most of the dog doors come with a door you can put up when it isn't being used, perhaps using that would help with the air coming in. If you can find something flexible enough, you could perhaps put that around the flap to fill in the little gap caused by the size of the flap vs. the opening.

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    • Nancy Turner Nancy Turner on Nov 04, 2018

      Brenda, the dual extreme weather door that we have as a thickish strip of felt attached to the frame, that just barely overlaps with the flaps. Perhaps you could find some and experiment with it and that may solve some of the problem. Ours has a stainless metal strip across the bottom of the flaps that helps keep the flaps flat. Go to one of the pet store sites and look for the extreme weather pet doors and you may be able to see the strips and the heavy felt that I am talking about to help you do it to your doggy door.

  • Peggy L Burnette Peggy L Burnette on Nov 02, 2018
    Hi Debra, Dog doors are good for you and your dog, but they do let a lot of air in. Hope this helps you with your problem. Good luck Videos
    2:31 Simple way to install this airtight dog door for your pet into your ...Brad AlgarYouTube - Mar 30, 2010
  • Sharon McHarge Sharon McHarge on Nov 03, 2018

    I am a pet sitter and I go to homes where there is two flaps that are extra thick. I sit at the front door left open and the dog door is at the storm door and a little draft but not much... Hope it helps??