Asked on May 19, 2017

How to fix a bent window screen?

Kungaa joseph
by Kungaa joseph
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  • Deb Deb on May 19, 2017


    Remove the screen assembly from the window track by pulling up on its base-removal tabs and sliding it toward you. Some screen manufacturers may have a different removal process; consult your screen or window owner's manual for specific screen removal instructions.


    Place the screen assembly on a flat surface.


    Locate the frame side that is closest to the dent. Look between this frame side and the screen itself. There should be a spline, or securing strip, between these two assemblies. The spline is pushed into this narrow crevice to hold the screen taut across the frame.


    Insert a flat-head screwdriver into this crevice. Pull the splice upward and out of the crevice by maneuvering the screwdriver's head under the strip. Spline lengths vary among manufacturers; some splines are a continuous strip along the frame while others may be four separate splines.


    Repeat Step 4 for the two perpendicular sides of the frame that flank the original dented area. Do not remove the frame's fourth screen spline.


    Pull the loosened screen taut across the frame to remove the dent. Tape the screen to the frame temporarily with duct tape to retain the tension.


    Press the spline back into the crevice at one corner with the flat-head screwdriver. Continue to press the spline into the crevice until all three sides are reattached again.


    Remove the duct tape from the frame.


    Cut any excess screen material from the frame's edges with a pair of tin snips.


    Reverse Step 1 to reattach the screen to the window's opening.

  • How badly bent? Aluminum frame? Sometimes if not bad, you can gently bend back without it breaking. Or try tapping gently with a rubbeer mallet between an old towel. Worth a try before replacing. Or see if a metal shop in town can bend back or fix for you for a nominal fee.

  • Kungaa joseph Kungaa joseph on May 19, 2017

    It is severly bent inwards as if someone yanked it out of the window slot; I will try to use a hammer with some towels; I have tried to get the maintenance man to fix it or give me a new one, but due to politics of a new proposal for a new apartment complex, nothing major will be done unless it has to.

  • Kungaa joseph Kungaa joseph on May 30, 2017

    It is too much; and it should be the complex to pay for it not me. I will try to use something to fix it. I went walking around and many apartments have this problem. Due to a proposal to build a new building, nothing will be done to fix this problem.