How to install a door for an open room?

by Debie
I am planning to turn this office space into a 2nd bedroom and would like to install a door for privacy. Space is limited so I was considering a door that would slide on a track but am wondering if that is the best option or if anyone has other suggestions? The dimensions of the entrance are approximately 83" high x 53" wide. Thank you!
The entrance that needs a door.
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  • Z Z on Sep 05, 2012
    Since it's going to be a bedroom I'd suggest framing it in and using a standard door. Though I love the idea of the sliding doors they don't offer as much privacy since I don't think you can lock them. Anyone know if you can lock them?
  • Designs by BSB Designs by BSB on Sep 05, 2012
    You can lock them.. there are several on the market. Just google... here is one:
  • Debie Debie on Sep 05, 2012
    Thanks for the barn yard door suggestion. Are there any other options we could consider? The door does not have to lock. Thank you!
  • LandlightS LandlightS on Sep 05, 2012
    You can frame the wall and install either bi-fold doors or 2 out swing doors. They could be either a louvered door panel or a 6 panel door panel. Or even with glass panels such as this.... Good luck Gary
  • Z Z on Sep 05, 2012
    Thank you Becky Sue. I'll have to remember that because that's one option we were thinking of for the master bath. No need to lock when it's just us home, but right now I have to lock my hubby out of the bedroom just to keep my privacy when our Grandson is here. He always wants to be were Grammy is.
  • Z Z on Sep 05, 2012
    Debbie, the width of your doorway is odd when it comes to any standard door options. Unless you want to add a bit of de and re construction to this project the barn door type would be the only sliding option I can think of. It's not quite wide enough to frame in one side and make a pocket door, but I would think if you trimmed the doorway it might work to use two 24 inch french doors. They wouldn't have to be full glass. You could do this using two standard doors that match the other doors in your home. Bifold doors as mentioned by Landlights would work too, though I wouldn't recommend them if the room will be used often. They can be a pain if not adjusted just so. Bifolds can be used as french doors with the right hardware though.
  • Leslie D Leslie D on Sep 05, 2012
    I can't really tell what your decorating style is from the little bit I can see in the picture, but if a barn door isn't quite your style, what about a shoji screen-type sliding door on a track? You could build your own and just have to buy the hardware, and use a plexiglass insert. That would allow you to perhaps attach a great piece of walllpaper or fabric, or an old map, family photos, etc., to the plexi and personalize it to your taste. That would also allow you to customize each side with something that matched the decor both inside and outside of the room itself.
  • Melissa G Melissa G on Sep 05, 2012
    Similar to LandlightS's suggestion, you could install folding doors. Perhaps you could also build a small drywall extension into the doorway to create a more standard door width.
  • Susan S Susan S on Sep 05, 2012
    This would involve a little added expense but you could consider having a pocket door installed! You'd probably want to hire a carpenter for this but it's a thought!!
  • Becky H Becky H on Sep 05, 2012
    We added a door (where there had been none) to the dressing room off of our master bedroom. We simply framed it in and added a french door with an inswing rather than outswing. That way, the door is never in the way of furniture or traffic. I would think you could make it rather interesting by either adding/building in the sides with something like glass block or a sidelight. The sidelight would use less floor space than a drywalled wall.
  • Z Z on Sep 06, 2012
    Susan that was my thought, but as mentioned above in order to get a standard size opening she'd have to de-construct one side to make the pocket large enough for a pocket door to work. If she did that she'd also have to make sure which ever side she chose to open up wasn't structural. I love pocket doors and wish we'd have put more in our home. We only have one to the half bathroom. Now Becky that's a neat idea in lieu of a standard wall. There's always a portiere if you don't want any real construction involved.