Burnish it with black paint and baking soda

Transform an ordinary glass vase into a weather, aged vase for a dramatic accent piece for your home. Get tutorial here

Stick on dowels and skewers

Bring a chic Boho Scandi style vibe to your home in a fun, inexpensive way with a wood dowel vase. Get tutorial here

Wrap it in laced leather

Get an expensive-looking leather-wrapped vase for only $10 using a dollar store vase and craft store supplies. Get tutorial here

Cover it in air dry clay

Stick air dry clay on a vase and carve a pattern into it for a custom-made, neutral-colored, textured vase to display in your home. Get tutorial here

Glue pearls to it

Turn a glass vase into a DIY hobnail milk glass vase with pearls and white spray paint for a simple, yet classy new look. Get tutorial here

Spray paint it and roll it in dirt

Make your own vase that looks like antique stoneware using dirt and spray paint. Get tutorial here

Use chalk spray paint on it

Give your cheap vase a modern and contemporary look with some chalk spray paint to make it resemble pottery. Get tutorial here

Pour acrylic paint on it

Revamp your glass vase entirely with mixed acrylic paints for a beautiful, marble look that makes it pop. Get tutorial here

Add a lace design to it

Transform your not-so-pretty thrift store vase into designer home decor by spray painting over lace strips for a stylish design. Get tutorial here

Paint it inside and out

Refinish your inexpensive glass vase with acrylic paint and baking powder for a beautiful terra cotta-looking vase. Get tutorial here