DIY a kids play kitchen

Your kids will love this one! Plan a layout, draw it and use a box cutter where needed. Repurpose bottle caps as knobs and a plastic box for a sink. Get tutorial here

Use a shoe box for a mini corn hole game

Recruit your kids to make this DIY game. Trace together and carefully cut with a box cutter. Decorate as you wish. Fill socks with beans for bean bags. Get tutorial here

Recycle your cardboard into a framed mirror

Turn cardboard into an faux embossed frame with a glue gun, gesso glue and spray paint. Draw any design you want to make it your own. Get tutorial here

Upcyle them into burlap storage bins

Attach burlap to boxes to create storage bins. Use for organizing a pantry, cleaning supplies, craft materials & more. Paint and stencil as you wish. Get tutorial here

Make a sunburst mirror

Budget DIY! Use a round plywood circle as the base, then make and glue petals from the cardboard. Tile accents around the mirror finish this off. Get tutorial here

Turn a diaper box into storage

Get your hand saw out for this! Cut small wood pieces for handles and trim and attach. Wrap faux leather on the handles for a cool, fresh look. Get tutorial here

Convert a cereal box into a lint collector bin

Wrap with wrapping paper and add scrapbook embellishments. Hang with 2 Command picture hanging strips and 2 clothespins. Useful laundry room decor! Get tutorial here

Braid brown craft paper to make a tray

The many steps in this DIY are worth it! Braid craft paper rolls and attach to a cardboard box. The result is a lovely, useful basket. Get tutorial here

Repurpose a Kleenex box into a pinata

Use foam, toilet paper rolls, hot dog papers, tissue paper and fishing wire to create a unicorn pinata. Start by filling the Kleenex box with candy. Get tutorial here

Create a foam heart wreath

This pretty ruffle wreath is made with a cardboard base. Heat up foam circles and shape into ruffles. Glue down the ruffles and finish with ribbon. Get tutorial here

Craft an animal head mount

Paper mache is used with cardboard and newspaper to create a cow head mount. Add wool for hair and other embellishments as you desire. Get tutorial here

Make a gingerbread themed garland from packaging

Copper string lights add charm to this garland. Use a template, trace the cardboard, cut & paint the designs on each house. Hang with twine & pegs. Get tutorial here

Use Duct tape and cardboard to make furniture

Make a table and chair set that can be easily put together and taken apart. Be sure to follow the instructions to do this right! Get tutorial here