Cool Down With Bucket Air Conditioning

Take an old oversized bucket and cut three sections of PVC piping, then insert into the bucket. Get tutorial here

Use Ice To Dye Your Picnic Blanket

Bundle up your fabric, cover in ice, sprinkle with dye over ice, and as the ice melts dye will be applied. Get tutorial here

Paint Artistic Watercolor Napkins For Guests

Use a small paint brush to apply streaks of color across the napkin and wet when necessary. Get tutorial here

Catch the Sunlight With DIY Suncatchers

Cut cardstock into desired motif or image, then use tissue paper to fill in the image. Get tutorial here

Hang Pretty LED Solo Cup Garlands

Paint over or purchase colored party cups and pull through the garland wires through the cup. Get tutorial here

Light Up Tables With Pineapple Luminaries

Modge podge on yellow tissue paper and cut felt into the pineapple’s leaves. Get tutorial here

Give Guests Anti Mosquito Bracelets

Coat leather cording with a few drops of citronella essential oil. Get tutorial here