Paint a colorful wall mural

Spice up a blank wall with a funky, colorful mural that’ll complement your decor. Get tutorial here

Design a bright accent wall

Trace a pattern onto your wall and fill it in with colorful paint to get a fun, eclectic accent wall. Get tutorial here

Make a modern arches colorblock wall

Add a little color and fun to your wall with a gorgeous colorblock arch design. Get tutorial here

Create a bold contrasting wall

Use tape to get crisp lines on your beautiful black and white accent wall. Get tutorial here

Give your wall a distressed Old World feel

Get an Old World vibe using multi-colored distressed paint and faded stencil art. Get tutorial here

Nail up wood strips for a cool design

Add that wow factor with a cost-effective accent wall with pretty paint and a wooden design. Get tutorial here

Put up lovely floral wallpaper

Change things up by applying pretty wallpaper with a dark background color and a bright floral design. Get tutorial here

Brush paint and joint compound onto your wall

Give your wall a splash of much-needed color by brushing teal, white, and brown paint in overlapping vertical strokes on it. Get tutorial here

Paint a cozy colorblock corner

Bring a boring corner to life with colorblocking to add a cozy feel to your room. Get tutorial here

Create a bold geometric wall

Add personality to your room with a bold geometric accent wall. Get tutorial here

Stencil a low-contrast accent wall

Choose low-contrast, similar tones to decorate your office wall for the perfect backdrop for your video calls. Get tutorial here

Use the German schmear technique on your wall

Hang faux brick wall paneling, and then cover it with joint compound to get a more realistic look. Get tutorial here

Sponge paint a faux brick wall

Press a paint-filled sponge against your wall to create a faux brick feature wall. Get tutorial here

Add texture with rope

Glue rope to a plywood board, and then put it up on your wall for a super unique, textured wall. Get tutorial here

Put up a wood accent wall

Run lightly painted wooden boards vertically across your wall for instant texture and a gorgeous, coastal vibe. Get tutorial here

Design a stylish faux slate wall

Turn a blank, boring wall into a beautiful accent wall with layered paper and resin composite sheets that look like slate. Get tutorial here

Apply pretty Photowall wallpaper

Get an instant beautiful design on your wall with pretty Photowall wallpaper. Get tutorial here

Add warmth and texture with cedar shakes

Give your room more visual interest and a coastal feel by lining your wall with cedar shakes for added warmth and texture. Get tutorial here

Stick washi tape to your wall

Decorate your wall with washi tape for a temporary design that won't leave any marks behind. Get tutorial here

Paint a beautiful mountain mural on your wall

Sketch a mountain range on your wall for an extraordinary mural in just a few hours. Get tutorial here