Put up a planked wall

Brighten up your space with a multicolored coastal planked wall! Get tutorial here

Create a sea-toned desk

Make over your old desk to add color, character, and a beachy look to it! Get tutorial here

Give your kitchen an oceanic feel with a new backsplash

Install an aqua-colored tiled backsplash in your kitchen to lend the room a coastal aesthetic! Get tutorial here

Use rope in your door wreath

Decorate your front door with a simple but classy wreath to make it feel like a beach house! Get tutorial here

Hang beachscape art

Display abstract art on your wall to give your room a pop of color and depth! Get tutorial here

Glaze your table for a sandy look

Paint your coffee table with glaze to add dimension to it, giving the room a cozy, coastal feel! Get tutorial here

Paint sea glass bottles

Line your surfaces with fresh flowers in beautifully painted sea glass bottles! Get tutorial here

Let the sunshine in through fabric curtains

Keep your windows shaded and your room cool with fabric curtains with a calming coastal design on them! Get tutorial here

Make over your dresser for a weather-worn look

Transform your beaten-up dresser and turn it into a beautiful coastal-themed piece of furniture! Get tutorial here

Build a rustic-looking kitchen island

Give your kitchen a new look and an airy, coastal feel with an island and colored stools to go with it! Get tutorial here

Surround your mirror with rope and wooden planks

Have your smile reflected back at you when looking into an upcycled mirror designed to fit your theme! Get tutorial here

Make a coastal-colored side table

Decorate a side table with soothing coastal aqua to add a pop of color to the room! Get tutorial here

Stencil shells on your wooden key holder

Hang up your keys in a fashionable way on a key holder with coastal flair! Get tutorial here

Give your wooden buffet a nautical look

Update your dull wooden buffet to give your dining room a more modern, coastal feel! Get tutorial here

Add a splash of color to your table

Spruce up your kitchen with some sea green paint on your table for an added, subtle coastal element! Get tutorial here

Use shell-toned tiles on your cabinets

Update your kitchen cabinet doors to add bling and a coastal feel to the room! Get tutorial here

Smell the ocean breeze with these DIY candleholders

Light up your home with candles in easy-to-make coastal candleholders! Get tutorial here

Display paintings with ocean blues

Hang some painted art with soft blues and neutral tones on your walls to give the room a modern coastal feel! Get tutorial here

Renew your cabinet with coastal blues

Bring your tired cabinet back to life with a fresh coat of paint to add a coastal flair to any room in the house! Get tutorial here

Turn your piano into a display of oceanic art

Play a fine tune on your beachy work of art with a coastal piano to add personality to the room! Get tutorial here