Make it look like a fireplace mantel

Spend only $35 to put together an incredible headboard that looks just like a fireplace and mantel. Get tutorial here

Get a dreamy effect with a curtain and string lights

Put up a pretty curtain and simple string lights for a romantic and functional lit headboard. Get tutorial here

Salvage old shutters for a rustic vibe

Create a custom rustic headboard from salvaged old shutters for minimal cost and work involved. Get tutorial here

Turn it into a silver stunner

Give your boring and dated wood and wicker headboard a silver makeover fit for a royal. Get tutorial here

Make your own affordable one out of cane

Stick to neutral colors with this beautiful DIY cane headboard that is within your budget. Get tutorial here

Hang Boho patterned fabric behind the bed

Mount three square tasseled fabric panels behind the bed to look like a headboard. Get tutorial here

Add a mirrored border to your upholstered headboard

Construct a colossal six foot tall simple upholstered headboard with a mirrored border. Get tutorial here

Stay on trend with an extra wide slatted headboard

Put the finishing touches on your bedroom with a trendy extra wide slatted headboard statement piece that could be nailed to the wall. Get tutorial here

Update your headboard with a spare rug

Design a simple yet elegant headboard using a rug and some scrap wood. Get tutorial here

Make a diamond tufted treasure

Create an upscale vibe in your bedroom with this DIY diamond tufted headboard. Get tutorial here

Repurpose old bookcase wood strips

Use recycled materials to make a pallet wood chevron headboard that will cost you nothing. Get tutorial here

Get a farmhouse aesthetic using burlap

Update your bed to a rustic farmhouse style with burlap and distressed edges. Get tutorial here

Put together stained wooden blocks

Make a quick and easy wood block headboard that is both inexpensive and will look good in your bedroom. Get tutorial here

Easily install this sleek wooden one

Reuse the wood from your existing headboard and coat it in shellac to make a simple, sleek headboard that could be attached to the wall with command strips. Get tutorial here

Repurpose blinds for a cool design

Get a slatted headboard with a shiplap feel using painted horizontal blinds. Get tutorial here

Redo your bed with a romantic wingback style

Make your bedroom makeover dream come true with a handmade wingback headboard that you could build in just 2 hours. Get tutorial here

Hang a stained floating headboard

Bring out the beautiful wood grain with stain and then hang behind your bed using a French cleat. Get tutorial here

Give the appearance of hand carved wood

Use a mandala stencil to make a faux hand carved wood headboard that doubles as a piece of art. Get tutorial here

Build a simple but timeless queen headboard

Put together a detailed, white queen-sized headboard for a gorgeous final touch to your bedroom. Get tutorial here

Make a two-in-one with an attached nightstand

Create your own minimalist Scandinavian wood slatted headboard with an attached floating nightstand. Get tutorial here