Stairs - we pulled the old carpet off stairs, now what?

The staircase is indoors and leads down to our basement. They had a very old carpet on them when we bought this place and needed to be removed. Underneath the carpet was a stapled down pad, once that was pulled up and every single staple removed what we have are very damaged, cheap, ill fitting wood steps (there are gaps between the steps and the walls on either side). Is there anyway to salvage this staircase so it looks decent or do we have no choice but to replace the whole thing?
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  • I would check to see what your home stores like HOme Depot, Lowe's or a good lumber yard carry for treads. Take measurements with you. You may have to take up the treads and cut your own. Pics would help too!

  • Jeanette S Jeanette S on Sep 02, 2014
    You can purchase pre-made treads that fit over what you have, but they cost from about $35 each for wooden ones up to $70 for rubberized one. This would cost from about $600 to $1,000. The wood, labor and time to rebuild them could cost more! (Definitely more if you require a contractor.) And quarter round can close in most the gaps finished off with putty or caulk! Go online and look.

  • Beth Turner Van Rhee Beth Turner Van Rhee on Sep 02, 2014
    Here is a link for a blog that I had pinned in Pinterest. We haven't started ours yet, but it is how I plan on doing our two flights of stairs. They missed corner round molding to hid the gaps in the back, but maybe the same would work for you on the sides of your steps.

  • M'sMammy M'sMammy on Sep 02, 2014
    I'm thinking you could cut your own treads and risers and put new ones on yourself. IF you're a bit handy with a saw and tape measure. Then I suggest re-carpeting. Carpet is not nearly as slick as smooth surface on stair5s. You could leave an edge of wood, painted or stained. Or just carpet the top of step, where your foot lands. Leave the face ?( part where your toe would bump) as wood. I have found all kinds of scrap wood, just looking at construction sites, etc.

  • Sherry Cook Sherry Cook on Sep 02, 2014
    can sand and paint them, they have paint that has some grit in it so not slip

  • This is the staircase I've asked you all about. As you see in the full shot, we've removed the carpeting and pad, found a very basic wood and design. I don't want to replace the carpeting, had hoped to paint with a nonslip paint. But they look so ugly - there are holes from all the staples, there are gaps at both the walls and the treads have blunt-cut edges (no bull-nose). What to do, are we doomed to replace each and every tread, and try to find the wood thing that goes on the wall at the sides of the steps to hide the gaps (wish I knew what that is called)? n...

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    • @Beth Turner Van Rhee thank you Beth, and I had read your answer last week finding it most helpful. Darn if I can figure out how to post my pix! My first attempt yesterday almost had my entire library uploaded!! I'm so disappointed with this site, there isn't the help I needed to get my pix up. Anyway, thanx again!