Tip: Warmth and Staying That Way!

I stay warm by keeping a blanket or small qilt on the back of every chair to wrap up in when I am cold. It adds color to the room and lets me snuggle under one no matter where I sit.
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  • Hillela G. Hillela G. on Feb 09, 2017
    I love that idea!! I'm going to give it a try, thank you!

    • Betty Meyer Betty Meyer on Feb 09, 2017
      It works for me. I am normally always cold so they stay on the recliners and sofa all year. I wash them up every so often and Chanel to some other colored blanket, throw or afghan I have stored away.

  • Eroque022810 Eroque022810 on Feb 09, 2017
    I have to do the same thing for me everyone else is warm. I'm in northern Illinois, I also know cold, as I sit right now I have heat set on 75,I'm wearing a 3/4 length sleeve sweater and a car hart fleece hoody, and you guessed it hoody is on my head. I do have short hair. I'm under a throw. Upstairs is warm to me hot to everyone else but I'm downstairs all day long I'm not going to stay in my room. I swear I have no blood! Anyway, I totally get you and agree I have several out just in case someone should visit and they are like me. I even have my own at my aunts house that I frequently can be found. We did find the culprit the previous owners only replaced upstairs windows so we plan on replacing downstairs windows plus front door. This should help I hope. Oh yeah I have plastic on windows and I applied felt sealer around front door as well.

  • Dfm Dfm on Feb 10, 2017
    polar fleece is my friend.....went to the local fabric shop, got 2 pieces of fleece that complimented each other. sewed them with a zig zag stitch right sides together. pulled to right sides out, hand stitched the hole i used to turn them out. perfect throw for my couch. it's long enough to cover feet to forehead, narrow enough to keep it on the couch.

  • Lori Kelly Lori Kelly on Feb 12, 2017
    I keep a heated throw on my sofa, in a complimentary color. My best friend.