Tip: What you can do with your old metal chairs?

My husband used old metal chairs, that had no seats,bolted them together By drilling holes through the metal. Bought cedar that happened to be on sale. He cut & sanded the cedar. Used a polyurethane on the wood for outside use. He used screws to attach seat to frame , screwing from the bottom, making sure they were short enough to to come through the top wood. To do this project this way you would have to be a handyman. Without him I would have used bungee cord to hook them together and added a bench pad. Any way you do it I love repurpose and keeping things out of the dump!
I love it.
t what you can do with your old metal chairs
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  • Shoshana Shoshana on May 04, 2017
    How clever! I love this idea- thanks for sharing!

  • Really great re-use, fantastic!

  • Sonia Sonia on May 04, 2017
    Beautifully done and a great repurpose!!

  • Barbara Comer Barbara Comer on May 05, 2017
    Fabulous job! Now go to Goodwill and get a fabulous outfit!

    • Wanda Woolard Wanda Woolard on May 05, 2017
      I stay at Goodwill and thrift shops. I rarely do retail anymore. Such good stuff to be found if you have the time.

  • Katholc Katholc on May 05, 2017
    Very nice!

  • Vio23141195 Vio23141195 on May 05, 2017
    love this idea,the amount of chairs i have thrown out because the seats have broke i will think twice from now on.

  • Cam Compton Aulgur Cam Compton Aulgur on May 05, 2017
    I did this with to old ice cream parlor chairs and instead of leaving the seat wood I used foam padding and outdoor fabric or vinyl and changed the color or pattern on occassion. I have had the chairs red with a more patriotic theme, or snowmen for winter. I painted the chairs black a couple of years ago and found a cute black and white pattern. I am now painting them a light pink and the seat will be a light aqau with pink flamingos.......

  • Joanie Joanie on May 05, 2017
    I really like this.........I guess you could use it in or outdoors? It is so pretty with the metal chairs.

    • Wanda Woolard Wanda Woolard on May 05, 2017
      Yes, in an entry way or Porch would be nice. This all started cause I needed a seat to watch my husband work in the flowers. Lol I have a bad back so I still like to be with him as he loves to work in the yard.

  • Crystal Jozefick Crystal Jozefick on May 05, 2017
    Once you cover the seat with fabric, you could make some throw pillow to comiment. Also, if this is going f to be outside, they now make waterproofing sprays for fabric.

  • Wanda Woolard Wanda Woolard on May 05, 2017
    Yes great idea. He worked so hard on the wood that we are enjoying that look but I thought a weatherproof pillow might look great too.

  • Ardale Ardale on May 05, 2017
    Very clever and lovely well made idea! I love the cedar look but think I would still add a nice outdoor seat cushion for comforts sake especially when I had company over. You hubby did a great job and what a great idea!

  • Barbara Comer Barbara Comer on May 05, 2017
    I have the time, washer, dryer, and clothes line and couldn't be any more satisfied- the thrill of the find! I would have to be on a 24hour pharmaceutical drip to even venture to a Mall.

  • Elezabeth Cameron Elezabeth Cameron on May 05, 2017
    I replace missing seat bottoms with ceramics floor tiles, easy to cut for an exact fit! Looks great mine are 15 years old and still look great! Also no more dog nails stuck in mesh or weaves... and to clean just hose down!

  • Krk9654780 Krk9654780 on May 08, 2017
    Beautiful idea Neat for a patio or even a pool area !!!!

  • Diana Deiley Diana Deiley on May 08, 2017
    Lucky girl! Wonderful job. This would be wonderful for a front porch. Love the look. Thanks for sharing.

  • Cindy Cindy on Jun 13, 2017
    Great Minds!! Did about the same thing here. I attached boards from the bottom using pipe clamps.