How do I do a kitchen backsplash with floor tiles?


I don’t have much money but was trying to a backsplash with vinyl floor tiles. Would that work.

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  • Polly Fuller Polly Fuller on Sep 02, 2018

    don't know why not. I've used everything. I even line my shelves with self stick tiles.

    just be sure the back splash is clean, smooth and grease free.

  • Kris Kris on Sep 02, 2018

    I would think you could with no problem. I think what may be key is making sure your back splash is very clean. I would also sand it as to rough it up for better adhesion. I would look for the smallest tiles as I think it may have a more professional look to it, although I really don’t know. Just an idea.... There are also so very many peel and stick options these days it may also be a option worth looking into. Good luck....

  • MaryBeth Cardwell MaryBeth Cardwell on Sep 03, 2018

    I’m thinking about using those wood plank vinyl tiles. I think that would look like shiplap.

  • Carole Atson Carole Atson on Oct 29, 2018

    I’ve used floor tiles in a past home for a back splash, 12X12 size. brick pattern. I thought I could just peel and stick but I learned quickly that heat from the stove made them drop. So, I added a very strong glue to the back and rehung them. They never fell again.

    Good luck