Asked on Jul 28, 2019

How can I fix an uneven backsplash in kitchen?

by Leone

The old tile was removed and left very uneven with old netting and stuff still stuck on wall when new cabinets were installed.Is there a kind of hard board or a product to cover without scraping and sanding available? Do not want tile or thin set etc. Its an awkward area for an inexperienced elderly DIY. Any suggestions gratefully recvd.

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  • Toni @ Girl, Just DIY! Toni @ Girl, Just DIY! on Jul 28, 2019

    Hardy backer board might be a solution but it still needs to be attached to the wall with a durable adhesive. It comes in thinner options but has a rough surface as it's meant to receive tile.

    Alternatively you could try a masonite product that you can attach over the top with construction adhesive and use caulking at the top and bottom to hide the cut edges. You could use press on tiles over it to make it move "backsplash" looking.

    • Leone Leone on Jul 28, 2019

      Thank you so much..great idea, I like the Masonite route..I think I could actually do that...easier to fit /cut to size and then I could “decorate” it however.

  • Sharon Sharon on Jul 29, 2019

    I would use 1/4" drywall as long as the previous thin set on the wall won't prevent fastening it to the wall. You can cut it with a box knife and a ruler easily.

  • Leone Leone on Jul 29, 2019

    Wow thank you! Simple cutting without a power tool is good.i guess I could fasten it on with “no more nails” or with screws.

    thank you for taking the time to reply!