How can I remove molded bathroom tile from the walls?


How do you remove the old style molded tile off the bathroom walls?

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  • Cheryl A Cheryl A on Sep 21, 2019


    You can clean the mold off and not go through the hard work of removing the tiles, that is a big job. Here are some ideas for both

  • Stolzy Stolzy on Sep 21, 2019

    Those are great websites for cleanable mold..aka..mildew.

    Unfortunately black mold starts out looking like the Rolls Royce of mildew. So you clean it, scrub it, just like you're supposed to do. 2 - 3 days later its back.

    Use equal parts white vinegar and bleach. If its mildew the color should fade as soon as the spray hits it. If not, have it tested. Get a price up front. If they are going to be there to get a scrape from one room then it won't cost anymore to get a scrape from another. Check the company out, just like you would any other.

    This is only.....what if... info. But now you know.

  • Flipturn Flipturn on Sep 21, 2019

    Molded,as in having rounded edges,or mouldy, as in having black mildew?

  • Peggy Peggy on Sep 24, 2019

    We just ripped out the drywall and replaced it with the green humidity resistant kind. Lots of work, more expensive, but a lot easier in the long run. (PS our home is 47 years old, so replacing drywall is pretty much a must!)