DIY Bathroom Tile Ideas

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Bathroom Tiling Advice
Dry your walls
Bathrooms can be damp places, which is why it’s so important to ensure that every surface is dry before you begin tiling.
Plan for a margin of error
Make sure you purchase more than enough tiles for the job because tiles can break when you are cutting them. A good rule is to buy 10% extra.
Tile from the center
Begin tiling at the center of every wall, working outwards, to ensure that any tiles you need to cut will be at the edges.
Use waterproof materials
The adhesive and grout you use need to be waterproof to ensure that your tiles remain firmly in place no matter what.
Dispose of materials responsibly
It might be tempting to flush away excess grout, but this can block drains. Allow the material to harden then throw it in the trash.
Top Bathroom Tiling Projects

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Bathroom Tiling Videos

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