DIY Bathroom Tile Ideas

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Bathroom Tiling Advice

Dry your walls

Bathrooms can be damp places, which is why it’s so important to ensure that every surface is dry before you begin tiling.

Plan for a margin of error

Make sure you purchase more than enough tiles for the job because tiles can break when you are cutting them. A good rule is to buy 10% extra.

Tile from the center

Begin tiling at the center of every wall, working outwards, to ensure that any tiles you need to cut will be at the edges.

Use waterproof materials

The adhesive and grout you use need to be waterproof to ensure that your tiles remain firmly in place no matter what.

Dispose of materials responsibly

It might be tempting to flush away excess grout, but this can block drains. Allow the material to harden then throw it in the trash.

Top Bathroom Tiling Projects

Take a look through our top bathroom tile DIY projects and plan for your own project.

Bathroom Tiling Videos

Watch our DIY video tutorials on how to tile your bathroom. Learn something new!

Shower Tile Installation Tools (QUICK TIPS)

Today you’ll get five tool recommendations that will make shower tile installation easier. I got these from my Bathroom Repair Tutor co-founder Steve. If you’re new to HRT, Steve is a 14 year veteran of bathroom remodeling. He’s awesome at tile work and does high-end bathroom installations. So you’d better listen when he talks…just kidding, but seriously, I listen!!! Here’s a story: years ago I did my first bathroom remodel. All was good during the first day. But then I ran into a wonky shower window and made some goofy tile cuts. To this day I cringe at some of the tile work in that bathroom. I’m pretty sure the project would have been better had I used the tools in today’s tutorial. Here’s the supply list you need Laser Level Laser Jamb SeamClips Horseshoe Shims Carpet Knife Well, I guess that spilled the beans. But why do you need these tools? I’ll explain…

Stencil and Seal Your Outdated Bathroom Tile

I had prepped and painted the tile in a previous post. I could have sealed it up and been done, but I had a different vision in mind. I wanted to use a stencil to make it look like cement tiles that are so popular. So this post is all about stenciling bathroom tile.

How to Paint Over That Ugly Bathroom Tile

Below is our bathtub. We had plans to get rid of it as soon as we moved in, but then surprisingly we enjoyed using it! So now we want to keep it, but that 80s look just had to change!

Tile Tree Mosaic Art

I'm going to let you guys in on a little secret and share how I make my mosaic art! It's much easier than it looks. It's an art project that does take several hours to complete, depending on how many tiles you choose to use for your image, but the end result is something one-of-a-kind!

New Bathroom Tiling Projects

Need some new inspiration for your next bathroom tile project? Read on.