DIY Wall Tile Ideas

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How to Tile Walls Easily

Prepare for tiling

Remove any existing tiles, clean the walls and measure the spaces you need to tile. You might also need to fill in any cracks.

Buy extra tiles

The golden rule is to ensure that you have more tiles than you think you need. Tiles can break when being cut, so spares are essential.

Apply adhesive

Place adhesive directly on the wall you want to tile and then cut grooves into it to help the tiles to stick.

Begin tiling

Start tiling from the corner, pushing the tiles firmly into the adhesive and placing plastic spacers between tiles.

Apply grout

Fill the spaces between the tiles with grout, and then rub over the tiles with a sponge to remove excess grouting.

Top Wall Tiling Projects

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Wall Tiling Videos

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Learn to Tile Like a Pro

So Last week I had the amazing pleasure of hosting Hometalk’s DIY Facebook session. It was so much fun. put on safety gogglesI showed you how anyone could tile just about anything with these simple steps. Often we can become intimidated by the fear of the unknown. We went through a simple and easy manner in which anyone can complete their own tiling project using the SimpleMat by Custom Building and a premixed gout also by Custom Building.


I've have been seeing the reclaim wood design all over and I wanted to incorporate it onto my home, but trust me when I say PALLETS ARE NOT that easy to break apart. Thankfully, I found a solution! It is so simple. All you have to do is measure, pull the tap, and apply it. Check out the video below to see how it has made my landing look amazing!There are a bunch of different colors, styles and designs you can pick. I opted to go with a grey wash paint. In the box there was different size variations to pick from, so most of the time you would't have to do a lot of cutting. My landing required a lot of cutting because of where my window is situated but it was easy to do. Here were the steps: 1 step wipe the area down to remove and dust2 be sure the space is leveled3 apply4 removing backing, and then you done.

DIY Faux Tile Feature Wall

A few month ago i decided to rent a studio with another blogger. Its been great and probably the best decision Ive made so far. Its been so fun decorating the space. A few weeks ago I decided to create a feature wall in my entrance area. . I've always loved the look of a tile feature wall - but as I rent the studio I couldn't commit to something that long term. Instead I chose to create the wall using tin tiles. Here are a few of my other renter friendly ideas . Here is a before of the space

How to Hang a Wall of Peel and Stick Glass Subway Tile

A wall of tile can make a huge statement, but dealing with grout can be intimidating. While we love hanging actual tile and encourage you to try it, for this project, we used peel and stick tile.

New Wall Tiling Projects

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