Large Bathroom Tiles Can Make Small Bathrooms Feel Less Cluttered

Larger floor and wall tiles are hugely effective for bathrooms where floor space is at a premium. There are fewer visible grout lines and the floor seems less cluttered and more seamless, helping to expand the room visually. Remember, each grout line is effectively a frame around each individual tile. The fussier and more prominent the grout lines, the harder a tile pattern becomes to ignore. Generally, the fussier the tile pattern, the smaller and more enclosed a bathroom feels. Get tutorial here

Have Your Very Own Bathroom River

If you are fed up with a run-of-the-mill bathroom, unique tiled features can make washing and showering fun again. Just ask Hometalker The Chirping Frog, who wanted to add some flair to the bathroom connecting to her master bedroom. In one of the most creative bathroom floor tile ideas we've seen for some time, this Hometalker cut some discount tiles to size to create a so-called "river" - a free-flowing walkway from their bedroom to their bathroom. Once her "river" was tiled, she simply smashed a neutral tile and began filling in the gaps around it to create that much-needed contrast. Nice work! Get tutorial here

Monochrome Color Schemes Create Definition for Smaller Bathrooms

A solid monochromatic palette can help hide a multitude of sins in terms of limited bathroom space. As we’ve just discussed, white helps to open up bathrooms like no other color. Yet combining it with striking black accessories and grouting can help create a sense of scale and freedom. Better still, the monochromatic palette remains a hugely contemporary design choice for bathroom floor tile ideas. This means that your investment is highly unlikely to date in the short to medium term. Get tutorial here

Feature Wall Bathroom Tile Ideas for Small Bathrooms

A great way to detract from limited floor space in a bathroom is to install a feature wall, adding different textures and creating interest. The glass tiles used in this image demonstrate how to use the natural light to reflect into the bathroom and create a greater sense of space. The tiles also help to create a richer, more luxurious feel to the bathroom. This reflective tile trend can also be replicated on bathroom floor tiles, helping to utilize the daylight to its full potential. Get tutorial here

Combine Patterned Bathroom Floor Tiles With Neutral Wall Tiles

It is truly remarkable what a lick of paint can do for your home, and particularly for your bathroom floor tiles. Hometalker Elizabeth opted to breathe new life into her bathroom flooring by painting and stenciling on her ceramic tiles. She also painted the outer edge of her tiles black to create a kind of pathway. This works excellent for L-shaped bathrooms. Pairing patterned tiles with calming, neutral wall tiles provides an exciting contrast, adding depth and character to the floor. Get tutorial here

Consider Arranging Bathroom Floor Tiles Diagonally

One trick that Hometalker The Chirping Frog has adopted is to install their bathroom floor tiles diagonally or “on point”. This works to break up the bathroom space while making your tiles appear larger than they actually are. Subsequently, your bathroom will feel bigger than it is, too. It’s important to choose a grout that complements the color of your diagonal floor tiles. This Hometalker used a pale grey to offer a soft contrast with the darker grey/slate color of the tiles. Get tutorial here

Chevron-Striped Bathroom Floor Tiles Also Elongate Floor Space

The herringbone pattern is one of the most visually pleasing tiling patterns you can use on a bathroom floor. Here, Hometalker The Sweetest Digs opted to create an almost chevron-style bathroom floor that works to extend the floor space to the naked eye. Herringbone differs to chevron slightly: the former has a broken zigzag design rather than a continuous zigzag, but it still offers a similar effect in bathrooms where floor space is scarce. The end product has a somewhat Parisian vibe, with black and white color schemes also helping to accentuate the feeling of space. Get tutorial here

Choose Reflective Bathroom Floor Tiles for Small Bathroom Spaces

One of the best bathroom shower tile ideas is to use reflective or high-gloss tiles from floor to ceiling. This is particularly useful for shower cubicles that are of modest size, because it encourages the natural or artificial light to bounce effortlessly. This approach enhances the feeling of space and can make some people less conscious about being in enclosed spaces. Of course, the shinier the surface of your tiles, the more easily it will show dirt and stains such as fingerprints, but this is a fair trade-off for a brighter and more vibrant shower space. Get tutorial here

Consider a Large Centrepiece Mosaic Bathroom Floor Design

Hometalker Diane H. Holycross appears to be a firm proponent of bringing the outdoors indoors. Although at first glance this bathroom appears to be on the cosy side, your eyes are immediately drawn to the handmade mosaic centrepiece that incorporates tiles, sliced pebbles and much more. This Hometalker opted for a very soft grout, which accentuates the colors and textures of the mosaic to great effect. It also creates a kind of pathway, like the stencilled tiles we saw earlier. Get tutorial here

Cleaning Grout Can Breathe New Life Into Existing Bathroom Floor Tiles

This is one of those simple but effective bathroom floor tile ideas that won’t require you to replace your existing tiles. Instead, this tip will encourage you to focus on accentuating the ones you already have. Hometalker Mary B opted for a budget-friendly solution to updating her bathroom tiles – giving them a good old-fashioned clean! Using Zep Grout Cleaner and Homax Tile Guard Tile Grout Coating, Mary B was able to turn her tired, grey grout into sparkling white in no time at all, giving her fresh white floor tiles a new lease of life. Get tutorial here

Field-Style Bathroom Floor Tile Trends are Here to Stay Thanks to the Boho Movement

In terms of bathroom tile design ideas, these field-style tiles are one of those trends that look set to be here to stay. At least that’s the opinion of Hometalker Marina Klima, who believes the boho movement and homeowners’ love of mid-century designs mean that patterned tiles are still a timeless addition to any bathroom. This is particularly important as no-one wants to have to update their bathroom every other year, right? When paired with a neutral, calming bathroom suite, these patterns can be mesmerizing. Get tutorial here

Art Deco Bathroom Tiles Can Add New Energy and Dynamism to Smaller Bathrooms

Bold art deco bathroom tiles are the perfect way of adding vibrancy and power to a modern bathroom space. The art deco style is alive and kicking according to Hometalker Marina Klima. She believes that homeowners are no longer restricted in terms of architecture and furniture, with new technologies capable of printing art deco themes in a variety of patterns. The reason this particular design looks so striking is that it is paired with very neutral floor-to-ceiling bathroom floor tiles, acting as a clearly-defined feature wall. Get tutorial here

Create New Eye-Level Borders to Add Height to Your Bathroom

If your bathroom floor or wall tiles are starting to look tired and old-fashioned, grab that paintbrush and sort it out! Even if your floor and wall tiles are in good shape but they are just looking a bit… meh, painting your tiles can change the dynamics of your bathroom immediately. Hometalker Janel Hutton opted to create a new eye-level border for her tiles, giving her space a fresh, modern look and a sense of depth and height by choosing to accentuate two rows of tiles with a darker color. Get tutorial here