Any ideas for retaining wall caps?

by Dionne
I have a bunch of retaining wall caps that I would like to use for something...just not sure for what. They have been stacked up for years and it is such an eye sore! :( Any ideas would be wonderful!
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  • Amy Ogden-Paparone Amy Ogden-Paparone on May 07, 2018


    How about slate, tile, cement...

  • Melissa V Melissa V on May 08, 2018

    A base for a shed, a patio for potting plants, a small parking pad-maybe for trashcans, pathway/sidewalk...bring the muscle!!! 💪


    Use them as pavers? build a lattice wall? Fire pit?

  • COCO COCO on May 08, 2018

    No matter where I have lived in the state of Florida, from Ga. border to Key West. I find ANY kind of rock, coquina, coral -flat mud-rocks, you name it. Broken up sidewalks, the list goes on . I make WALLS of them. easy to do( even for a 75 yr. old ) . I have stopped thru-traffic of bikes, motorcycles, and yes, even cars from passing thru my property by a low wall. You can plant a small hedge or even flower bed behind the wall.

    What a WONDERFUL OPPORTUNITY you have sitting in your yard!!! Happy walling..

  • paint them for sale as door stops?

  • Lisa S. Lisa S. on May 08, 2018

    Edging for a flower bed. A walk . Paved area to put under trash cans.

  • Rose Broadway Rose Broadway on May 08, 2018

    Built a wall or use them for a pathway.

  • Ellis Ellis on May 08, 2018

    Stack them to make a raised planting area. Make a pad to place under a barbecue grill or a hose reel. I had some left-over retaining wall blocks and stacked them, to about 26" high, and put a pretty low bird bath bowl on top. You could also use the same idea and put a planting bowl on top.