Any ideas to re purpose cedar chest with no lid?

by Twinmom219
I was thinking bookcase but it doesn't have the standing vertical height to look right. It is real cedar inside and I dont want to throw it out. I refinished it about 10 years ago and we used it as a blanket chest in the family room. Over the years, my twin boys managed to split the lid from one end to the other. I took off all the hardware today thinking it would be a bookcase but I dont like that idea anymore. Thanks!
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  • Sharon Sharon on Nov 18, 2017

    Still have the lid? repair it with a backer board, and glue the split edge.

  • Cindy Cindy on Nov 18, 2017

    That's really nice. You could add legs to help with height issue. OR you could hang it horizontally above another piece of furniture or a table.

  • Suzette Suzette on Nov 18, 2017

    If you put it on it's side, you could put a cushion on top and use the storage space for shoes or games or even your books.

  • Brightsea Brightsea on Nov 18, 2017

    How about re-topping it using the old hinges- purchasing a piece of plywood, sanding, sealing, painting it black. The edges may need to be trimmed with thin strips of interior molding.

  • Kathy A Kathy A on Nov 18, 2017

    i Llike the idea of re-topping it. If it is the right height, you could cover it with a 3-4" thick cushion and use it for extra seating or put it in front of a window like a window seat.

  • FL FL on Nov 19, 2017

    Maybe put a tabletop on it and use it like a coffee table while storing blankets or linens inside to take advantage of the cedar scent.

  • Jewellmartin Jewellmartin on Nov 19, 2017

    You may not like the height for a living room bookcase but it would look terrific in a bedroom. Vertical or horizontal, mounted or standing on the floor, this would make a striking addition. Best wishes 😇

  • Judy Tiffany Judy Tiffany on Nov 20, 2017

    do you have a valid that need a doll house.

  • 2dogal 2dogal on Nov 20, 2017

    I got an old cedar chest for $5.00. I cleaned it, oiled it with Old English for dark wood and reinforced the bottom. I used it for wood for my wood stove. It was used, standing on end, to hold pool cues before I bought it....