Asked on Feb 23, 2015

Bunk beds

by Cloudrider53
I have a set of bunk beds made of metal, with a full futon on the bottom and a single mattress on the top. I no longer need the top bunk. Any ideas on what I could do with that space?
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  • Grady Grady on Feb 23, 2015
    You could put a plank of wood on the top part and use it as a shelf.
  • Becky Becky on Feb 23, 2015
    If its in a kiddo's room, you can lay a piece of wood, put a play rug on it and instant fun!
  • MikkiGirl MikkiGirl on Feb 24, 2015
    A book sling on the wall, small lamp (wall mounted?), pillows and you've got a child's reading nook.
  • Mcgypsy9 Mcgypsy9 on Feb 24, 2015
    You didn't say where you have the bunk set? Are you using it for a child? Is it going in a guest room? That would make a big difference. I do love some of the comments that were already given though.
  • Debbie Bush Debbie Bush on Feb 24, 2015
    Put plywood for support and foam topper nicely covered, add throw pillows, a clip on light and you have a reading area. Or, leave the wood and put a music system
  • Mary Francene Gwin Mary Francene Gwin on Feb 24, 2015
    I was given a bunkbed /futon and needed only the futon but use the top for storage in my very small 1 bedroom apt.
  • Cloudrider53 Cloudrider53 on Feb 25, 2015
    I love all of the ideas given. It is going in my dressing room/guest area. No children though, however, I still love the reading area idea. Maybe, a nice quilt, soft pretty pillows and a few stuffed animals (lol). Wall mounted lights are a nice idea too. Hey, maybe I will hang out up there.
  • Lori Lori on Feb 27, 2015
    What about buying as many wicker baskets as will fit and line them up for storage. Maybe tip one or two up on their side and use to display a pretty set of guest towels and small toiletries, or some reading material.