How do I repurpose all the cardboard containers that I receive ?

I do a lot of online shopping. In turn, I get all kinds of sturdy cardboard boxes.
My question is...How do I repurpose these boxes to make extra storage for my
crafting and sewing materials. I do believe in recycle and reuse when I can. Thanks for the help.


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  • Cheryl Gillman Cheryl Gillman on May 29, 2018
    You can cut one end or side off some and stack them to make shelving, hot glue rope/twine around them to make nice rope containers or glue fabric/material on the put her sides. If you have an old sweater or shirt, cut the torso part away from the sleeves/neck and wrap around the top of the box then paint the bottom half any colour/design to fit your devour
    If they're sturdy enough you could stack them and put sliders/wheels on the bottom to make rolling storage or use for under bed storage
    Depending on the size you can paint them and hang them on your wall for shelving/storage

  • I would cover them with craft paper or contact paper and then stack them open side front. So they were like bookshelves. Then you could add smaller covered boxes inside to organize the small items.

  • Tom Stuart Tom Stuart on Jan 30, 2022

    If you garden you can use them for weed suppression. Rake clean an area of your garden. Unfold the boxes and place them overlapping by about 6 inch’s. Cover them with mulch.

    if you don’t have many now use what you have then keep adding to it. Either put your plants in pots or dig through the cardboard to put them into the ground.

    The cardboard will last about one season.