I have a small 3 tiered rolling cart...how to repurpose?

by Dfm
i did a slip cover for this cart....and used it to hold mailing supplies...assorted envelopes, incoming bills, stamps...well...bill payer from my bank has taken over that part.
Fully covered
side pockets for pens stamps and stickers. Do I strip the cover? What items would be best stored here?
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  • Janet Panos Janet Panos on Oct 05, 2017

    Hello! Here are some Hometalk ideas for your cart:


  • Johnavallance82 Johnavallance82 on Oct 05, 2017

    Sewing / Knitting or craft items or Bathroom / Make Up or Kitchen etc

  • Julie M. Julie M. on Oct 05, 2017

    There are so many cool ideas here.....https://www.pinterest.com/search/pins/?q=repurpose%20tea%20cart&rs=typed&term_meta[]=repurpose|typed&term_meta[]=tea|typed&term_meta[]=cart|typed

  • Celia Jennings Bolton Celia Jennings Bolton on Oct 06, 2017

    I put baskets on the shelves and use them to hold produce that doesn't have to be refrigerated - onions, potatoes, fruit - and its the right height to slide under one end of the kitchen table.

  • 19698379 19698379 on Oct 06, 2017

    How about a place to store fruit? You could keep it out in the open if you want or hide it if you don't like how it looks.

  • Bbunny42 Bbunny42 on Oct 06, 2017

    Good ideas above. I've had one of these for years and didn't use it when I downsized to a smaller house. What I really needed was a small potting table in the back yard so I painted the cart a beautiful green, which didn't last very long when the rain started hitting it. Shortly thereafter I found some plastic place mats at a garage sale, bought them and gorilla glued them on the top of the cart. They protect it from rain and make it easier to wipe off the potting soil plus I have two shelves for small pots, etc. Very handy and I created something I really needed as well as keeping it out of the landfill.

  • Kristin Kristin on Oct 06, 2017

    a bar cart?

  • Ohiorn Ohiorn on Oct 06, 2017

    I use a cart like this to hold cleaning supplies, rubber gloves, etc. My cart isn't covered. This would also make a nice way to organize gardening tools.

  • 62q10370829 62q10370829 on Oct 06, 2017

    Use for sewing. Store sewing machine in & all your stuff for sewing.

  • Margie Spenser Margie Spenser on Oct 07, 2017

    I had a 3 shelf wire chrome cart that I turned into an "invalid" table for my aunt when she was restricted to a wheel chair. I put thin sheets of paneling on the top and bottom shelves, but used 3/4 inch plywood on the middle shelf so I could make it stick out over her lap as a table for her food or as a writing desk, etc. The shelves were adjustable so the table shelf could be just where she needed it, and the plywood is heavy enough so the part of the table that sticks out stays in place. The three shelves hold a lot more things than a bed-side table. To keep everything on the cart, I used twist ties through holes in more paneling for the sides and back of the cart. Peg board or cardboard would also work.

  • S S on Oct 07, 2017

    i use a tiered cart when I clean windows. I use white vinegar and old rags, a dust buster and a bucket of soapy water to clean the tracks. The cart is the right height to rest my lower tilt in windows and makes the job of cleaning g 36 windows much easier.

  • Bev Naujoks Bev Naujoks on Oct 07, 2017

    Make it into a gift wrap cart. IF the other end doesn't have pockets on it, make one for the bottom and add ribbon or some type of string across the top and the middle to hold rolls of wrapping paper. Use the existing pockets for tape, pens, cards, tags, etc. Place gift bags and flat wrap in the trays in the middle.

  • Dko30744721 Dko30744721 on Oct 20, 2017

    I have a three shelf roloing stainless steel cart that I repurposed. Since yours is already covered it would be ideal for what I did. Where I live the upstairs the bathroom does not have any storage except under the sink and there is no linen closet upstairs so I have nowhere to put shampoo, lotion, spare toilet paper within easy reach or clean towels and washcloths etc. So there was an area between the tub and sink vanity that this cart fit perfectly. I do not have mine covered so I will use your slip design if you don't mind to fancy mine up. The side pouches would be great for disposable razors, curling iron, band-aids etc. A second idea since yours is covered would be use it as a TV/media stand in a bedroom. TV on top DVD/DVR on second shelf and third shelf for DVDs/DVRs etc. The side pouches could be used for remote controls and other accessories. In fact from the like of your cart I suspect it was originally intended as a TV stand. Also could be used in a small kitchen as a stand for a microwave oven on top and storage of slow cooker, food processor, toaster etc. thus keeping clutter off of kitchen counter tops. I do like the idea of putting baskets on shelves and using for produce that should not be refrigerated. Also, the idea as a bedside stand for an invalid for caretaking supplies is a marvelous idea. There are many great suggestions on this site for your cart hope mine is one you find helpful.