Repurpose styrofoam beads from bean bag chair

My Grandson has a bean bag chair that he no longer uses and I hate to throw things away.
Does anyone have some ideas about what else I can do with these beads?
Thanks, Deanna
  4 answers
  • KatAych KatAych on Mar 18, 2016
    I've seen folks use them as filling for little bean bag animals like frogs, chickens, owls, etc. I've also seen "stands" for phones, iPads...

    • Deanna Deanna on Mar 19, 2016
      Thank You KatAych I crochet animals and toys but I worry the tiny beads would pop through. It would have to be really tight stitches. I can use some for my big outdoor pots so maybe I'll use them there.

  • Lisa Lisa on Mar 23, 2016
    Deanna, those beads are great for using as packing peanuts. I'd offer them up for sale or free on Craigslist or your local Pennysaver. They'll be gone in a flash!

  • William William on Mar 23, 2016
    You could use them as filler for some super soft hand made pillows or bolsters. If the bean bag is made of fabric you can use that to make the pillow cases and fill them with the beads. You can even give a few to your grandson!

  • Carrie Hawk Carrie Hawk on Mar 23, 2016
    Yeah, I wouldn't use them with crochet. I'd make another bean bag chair. Probably wouldn't need to buy many more to complete it. They are so comfortable. Wish I had one right now.