Flip a rusted fire pit into a decorative bowl

Restore a rusted fire pit with boiled linseed oil and let it dry. Then use it as a Sedum bowl! Get tutorial here

Transform a rusted bar cart with aqua paint

Rust was removed from this garage sale find with a drill & brush. A bit of spray paint and paint pen and voila! Get tutorial here

Add a pallet to a rusted frame

Make yourself an industrial table by repurposing metal bars. If you like rusted rustic this is for you. (Denise on a Wh Get tutorial here

Turn a rusted water fountain into a birdbath

Restore an old fountain by spray painting over it and adding a bird bowl. Get tutorial here

Salvage an old rusted trunk with citric acid

Add citric acid to water to make a paste in order to clean the rust. The paint! Get tutorial here

Spray paint rusted metal chairs

Attach a steel wool pad to a drill to clean the rust & paint those garden chairs your favorite color. Get tutorial here

Upcycle an old rusted sewing machine

Use some Brillo pads to clean away the rust and add a slab of marble. Who knew this was a $4 auction find? Get tutorial here

Repurpose a BBQ fire pit into a planter

Remove handles, scrape off the rust, and clean the chrome legs with Barkeeper’s Friend. Get tutorial here

Spruce up an old rusted garden bench

Sand the rusted metal than add a patina solution so it retains its gorgeous rustic look. Get tutorial here

Redo a rusted garden table with paint

Clean, then spray paint then customize this kind of curbside find for your garden. Get tutorial here

Beautify a rusted cooler with paint

Get that rusted cooler ready for the 4th of July with some painting and stenciling. Get tutorial here

Revive a rusted shower caddy

When scrubbing doesn’t work, spray paint your rusted shower caddy in a metallic color. Get tutorial here

Make a rusted old burner light up again

Clean it, then make a cylinder out of mesh and wrap fairy lights around it. Get tutorial here

Revamp rusted porch light sconces

Cheap light sconces prone to rusting? Add a lick of spray paint to cover up it up. Get tutorial here