How can I makeover my mobile home inside doors?

My inside doors have some kind of paper on them to make it look wood-grained and is peeling away in some places and I cant get the rest off. Does it have to be sanded, or can be painted over or do they have to be replaced?

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  • Laura Cooper Laura Cooper on Dec 09, 2018

    Dawn, I have these types of doors, too. We removed any loose veneer and filled voids with a little paintable putty. After that, we primed with Kilz and painted two coats of latex enamel gloss paint. This has held up beautifully with no degradation over 2 years so far of constant use. Be sure to use the latex enamel GLOSS not semi-gloss, if you want durability. Also, we used a very fine nap roller for a smooth finish.

  • Nancy Turner Nancy Turner on Dec 09, 2018

    I would see if you can scrape them off. If it is plastic coated, try to peel that layer off first, them use steam or warm water wiped on with a sponge to loosen the backing paper. You can then paint, use contact paper or whatever you want to use.

  • William William on Dec 09, 2018

    Perfect solution from Laura. Exactly what i was going to suggest.