Room darkening covering for sliding glass doors

Ann Dougherty
by Ann Dougherty
I work nights and sleep during the day. We have sliders and need to have removable covers for the glass part, that doesn't impede the door when they slide open and closed. Does anyone know of a product or have an idea of how to accomplish this. Room darkening curtains don't do the job.
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  • on Dec 17, 2013
    If you want full blackout for a sliding glass door we'd recommend vertical cellular shades. They slide on a track parallel to the door, so they never get in the way of operation. Take a look and let us know if we can help!,8812
  • Taf Taf on Feb 08, 2016
    I purchased hanging window panels, similar to the picture below, from JC Penney's. There were four panels, they were black out. They worked great to keep the room dark, because they over-lapped.
  • Amy Amy on Feb 12, 2016
    On one of these websites, I read about someone that painted plexiglass and cut it to fit right into the window frames on her front door. (As opposed to curtains I think.) [ill look for the website so I can link it because I might be telling it a little wrong too. But that's the jyst of it.) I mean u could paint them dark night sky-ish colors. Yea I can see it now. Not sure how to get it to stay on or up. Or attach some kind of handles or something. And have a spot where they go. Especially if it can be passed off as art. Idk. Just an idea. I actually have the same. Sliders. Sun glares our eyes or the tv usually. I have just some curtains hanging. But this sounds like it might work. Or... Bi-folds somehow repurposed?? Me too!! Shoot. Hope someone else has something to add to these ideas? *gonna look for that post.