Asked on Nov 07, 2017

DIY curtain bracket extension piece: make from 4" to 10" return?

by Jessicandavis
I bought some very lightweight sheers to go about 110" of 3 windows in a row. I have a curtain rod w/ 3 brackets that project about 4", but just realized that this won't clear my 8" deep radiator. I really don't want to hang them at the sill level--really tacky for my living room and won't match my decor style. And there is no space, unfortunately, behind the radiator.

Ideally, I just want a simple fix: some bracket/flat piece of metal that would extend the wall bracket an additional six inches; I looked online for about five hours last night and found absolutely nothing that would modify the rods I have. There are 10" brackets, but they're generally $15 a pop, and since I'd need 3 at least, that's just too much. Please see the photo below.

Also good to know: I rent, so would really prefer not to mount on plaster ceiling (which is a fix I've seen).

Does anyone have a DIY idea? I'm not familiar with hardware parts generally.

Note, too, these are seriously lightweight sheers that are going up, so I'm not too concerned about support. And these are fairly cheap, lightweight brackets. That said, if anyone thinks that even a 90x50" curtain under 1 lb wouldn't be supported by this sort of thing, please let me know.

REALLY appreciate your help/advice. Need to figure this out w/o wasting so much time hunting for solutions online!

I'm not familiar with hardware generally... wondering if there is a 6-7" flat piece of metal, about 1" wide, that would extend the part from the wall piece to the rod piece of the bracket? What is it called, and where could I get it?
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  • Doris H Doris H on Nov 07, 2017

    Google This Old House and see if they have an idea. They are on TV. Good Luck! had similar problems, hang in there!

  • Sharon Sharon on Nov 08, 2017

    You could do a steel cable from one wall to the other, as far from the radiator as you choose... 6" min. Cheapest would be a dog run plastic coated cable from a discount store, I've gotten them for $8.

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    • Christie Decker Christie Decker on Nov 09, 2017

      You shouldn't have a problem with the weight unless your curtain rods themselves are heavy. Otherwise, you should be fine. :) Glad to be of help.

  • C C on Nov 08, 2017

    You could use metal pipe to extend your rod or make your own rod using metal pipe. Lots of DIY directions for that.

    The other thing you could do is hang your rod from the ceiling using fishing line so it doesn't show.

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    • Jessicandavis Jessicandavis on Nov 09, 2017

      Yeah, it's not the rod per se, it's just the need for projection, it is a great ideal if you want to hide the mounting.

      I'm actually leaning towards DIY'ing some sort of French rod from pipe. The rods I have actually don't go w/ the sheers (bought them awhile ago for another apartment that was more "glam" than "rustic/eclectic"). The problems I always have with piping is picking the appropriate size that they all go together (seems like different types of pipe have different conventions for sizes... "like do u need to get a 3/4" pipe to fit inside a 1" pipe?") and in this instance, picking a material that is cheap, lightweight (esp. important given the projection needed), but still hopefully metal. But that's another post.

      All of the DIY tutorials I've found are for a pretty shallow return, so trying to figure out the extra part I would need from the flange part, to some sort of 90 degree angle--seems like there are a million names for basically the same part.

      Wish I could find a comprehensive guide to pipe fittings!

      Thank you tho, great ideas.

  • Jewellmartin Jewellmartin on Nov 08, 2017

    If you use your radiator: You could cut off only the part of the sheers that are over the radiator, about six inches below the top of the radiator. Hem by hand, Velcro, iron on hemming tape or stapler (!) by turning the bottom under about an inch, iron, turn it under two inches, iron, then turn it under three inches, iron and hem. These sheers won’t block the radiator, and won’t be close enough to get all steamy.

    If you are trying to hide the radiator: Buy three 10-12 “ shelf brackets—the cheaper ones are often at the bottom shelf at Home Depot or Lowe’s, but they should not be more than $2 each. Paint them the color of the walls or sheers. Put the sheers on your rod, then over the brackets, just sitting on top. Through the hole closest to the end of the bracket, try to put a large safety pin through the hole and “catch up” the sheer closest to it through the pin. If the pin is not long enough, use a needle and thread or fish line to very loosely sew the sheer through the hole in the bracket. Do this for all three. Any filial or ball that is at the end should be fine, sitting on the outer edges of the sheers, just beyond the sheers. Since one of the brackets will be at the center and fastened in place, then the rod will be secure. It’s not the weight of the sheers that would make it sag; it’s the weight of the rod itself.

    You could even make this a project post on if you take at least four before, during and after photos of hanging these sheers out like that. Many people have the same problem. 😇🍁

    • Jessicandavis Jessicandavis on Nov 09, 2017

      Thanks, Jewell! I thought about solution #1 of yours but decided it would look bad for me at least, but #2 sounds intriguing: I just can't picture it. Do u mean using shelf brackets? And sewing the sheer to it? Would they be adjustable (want to be able to open completely)?

      If you are thinking of a specific something you've seen online that might have pics, can u give me a link?


  • Pat Pat on Nov 08, 2017

    How about a block of wood, painted the color of your walls and put on the wall behind your curtain rod brackets to hold them out farther. If you have more than one bracket, put wood behind them also....painted the color of your walls. Don't think they will be very noticeable. Also, an idea......I have some plant holder brackets that you screw to the wall and they come out about 9 inches and have a hook that your curtain rod would fit into. (Is the place where your hanging plant would be hung) I spray painted my plant brackets gold and used them under my cupboard bar for support. Shelf brackets, as mentioned, should work also.

    • Jessicandavis Jessicandavis on Nov 09, 2017

      Yeah I've seen the shelf bracket solution. In fact, some ppl build a shelf OVER the brackets, which can look cool (except I'm working w/ about 102" and that could get pricey material-wise: 102"x10", plus add to weight).

      But it looks like it would work! I'm going to try to price out the DIY french rod idea first tho.

      Thanks :)

  • Jewellmartin Jewellmartin on Nov 09, 2017

    Shelf brackets. If you are going to split the sheers in the middle, you won’t be able to attach the curtain through the hole in the bracket. As a matter of fact, I suggest you buy a curtain rod brace, at least for the middle. If you can get to Lowe’s, Home Depot, or maybe even JCP Penney’s on-line or in one of their large stores, maybe you can call or visit them. 😇

  • Abilene Abilene on Feb 06, 2023

    You could opt for hanging from the ceiling instead of projecting from the wall.

    Another option is a decorative radiator cover which allows the air to flow but protects things from touching it directly.

  • Mogie Mogie on Feb 07, 2023

    I would take all pics of this into an Ace Hardware. The amount of knowledge the employess have is amazing. Just today went into Ace for a nipple to mount a sink Lowes didn't have the parts Sunday (it always happens on the weekends) so went to Ace today and cost less then $10 and fixed the entire problem.