Does anyone have any great ideas for cheap curtain ideas?

Need some help on odd sizes and on a budget.
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  • Gwen Cornwell Brack Gwen Cornwell Brack on May 15, 2017
    Pretty flat sheets work great, putting the curtain rod through the fold at the top of the sheet.

  • Susan Savarese Susan Savarese on May 15, 2017
    Stacey, do you sew? Have you checked places like Walmart? I'd say check resale shops, but I've never found anything that had enough of what I needed, if that makes sense. If you sew, you can get some really inexpensive fabric at JoAnn's or Hobby Lobby and use a coupon. Hope this helps a little!

  • Suzanne Suzanne on May 15, 2017
    Do you have any sheets you can make into curtains? Also check at garage sales and goodwill.

    • Ronda Jaramillo Ronda Jaramillo on May 15, 2017
      Sheets are a great option and are ready to hang because they already have a hem sewn in them. Perfect for getting a rod through although you might have to hem it.

  • Dysko7710 Dysko7710 on May 15, 2017
    Sometimes websites like have clearance items and stuff ships free. We got gorgeous curtains for our dining room on Wayfair and they were on sale for 12 dollars for 2 panels.

  • Judy Judy on May 15, 2017
    You can use BEACH TOWELS, or a sheet from the bed, and then use a accent towel, that has a similar color in the towel. This is easy and you can change any color, you choose. Enjoy, and try to keep them as cheerful colors, ok? If you don't have any window shades, you can use a dark color, then you can sleep better at night, and then use the lighter towels over it, like a second rod. This will work just fine. The first one, will be on a extension pressure rod, and you can adjust this, as you choose. Enjoy, and you can make lots of spring colors, or summer choices, as you choose, or your favorite colors., perhaps to match your bedspread., or to match other colors in this room. Have a good time. PS . . you can also pin these with safety pins, to make this easier to remove, and put on. This saves time, just wash these first, for room fresher, ok? Judy.

  • Teresa Teresa on May 15, 2017
    I agree with Suzanne!

  • Karen Viscusi Karen Viscusi on May 15, 2017
    Oh can buy curtain rings and use about anything as a curtain The ring slip over the curtain rod and the little clip just attachex right to the eshe of the curtain or whatever you like to use you can get them at Walmart a package of seven is less than five dollars

  • Sandra Allen Sandra Allen on May 15, 2017
    Here is what I am doing with my bedroom windows this week.

    I hope that helps. No sewing, cheap and unique to every other curtains out there.

  • Serai Serai on May 15, 2017
    I use sheets. Cheap and EASY!

  • Cheryl Cheryl on May 16, 2017
    I just finished that project!! After considering all the DIY options, I found the my best choice to be IKEA! You can get a pair of full length panels for under $20, difficult to DIY cheaper, and look very good!

  • Stacey P. Kosiek Stacey P. Kosiek on May 16, 2017
    Thanks so much!

  • Mary kae Mary kae on May 16, 2017
    Sure. go to the sheets department. there are many types of colors/patters. hem/to fit rod and length.....have fun!

  • Tammy Blair Wood Tammy Blair Wood on May 16, 2017
    The Muslin Drop Cloths @ Home Depot, & they come in all sizes

  • Cre8091033 Cre8091033 on May 16, 2017
    Thrift stores have light weight draperies that can be cut to needed sizes

  • Stacey P. Kosiek Stacey P. Kosiek on May 16, 2017
    Oh cool, I will have to check that out! They are Muslim and not canvas?

  • Stacey P. Kosiek Stacey P. Kosiek on May 16, 2017
    Thank you! Love thrift stores!

  • Dave Mc Dave Mc on May 16, 2017
    muslin, sheets, towels,

  • C.B. C.B. on May 18, 2017
    I moved into a cabin that had no curtains, only blinds; when winter came on...No amount of heat would keep it warm in there! I took queen size sheets, cut them into quarters, hemmed the necessary edges, opened the top edge for a 'pocket' for the fishing line to pass through[didn't have rods!] & made 'pockets' for the other end [that didn't have them] & hung them with small finishing nails & fishing line. The cabin now stays ALOT WARMER.

  • Cre8091033 Cre8091033 on May 25, 2017
    thrift stores carry drapes that are often light weight. They can be cut down to the sizes you need and resewed.

  • Stacey P. Kosiek Stacey P. Kosiek on May 25, 2017
    Thank you

  • Sharon Sharon on May 25, 2017
    I also make lace curtains from thrift store lace table clothes, they usually run about $2 each. You can dye them too, and you can fabric paint some of the major floral details.

  • Evelyn Brennan Evelyn Brennan on May 26, 2017
    Sometimes you can find shower curtains on clearance. They are large for the price. They already have a way to be hung. You might try online or the bath and bedroom box stores.

  • Nicole P Nicole P on May 26, 2017
    Depending on what style you are looking for, decorative flat sheets will do the job.

  • Stacey P. Kosiek Stacey P. Kosiek on May 26, 2017
    I will check it out

  • V Valencia V Valencia on May 27, 2017
    Big box stores such as Target, Walmart, etc. have clearance online clearance. Oh, and IKEA has some great buys too. Here is a site I have been looking at.

  • Patricia Rolland Patricia Rolland on May 27, 2017
    Drop cloths come in did sizes as well - great texture to them

    old table cloths another idea

  • Cou20092147 Cou20092147 on May 27, 2017
    I safty pinned a hem in Harley throw. They fit just fine

  • Lisa Wiedenhoefer Lisa Wiedenhoefer on May 27, 2017
    Ikea! You can order online if there isn't one in your area. The plain white ones are about 10 bucks a window and you can paint or sew ribbon onto them to dress them up. I like that they are so long you can hang them high and you can do almost anything with them.

  • Marcie Marcie on May 27, 2017
    IKEA has inexpensive curtains. Even a white mesh curtain set for $5. For this amount, you can dye them,cut them up, do whatever you want, and even if you make a mistake, it's only $5!

  • Cindy Cindy on May 27, 2017
    If you get solid color sheets, you can paint or stencil on them with colors to match your decor. Also for your odd sized windows, pillow cases might work. Drop cloths are inexpensive and easy to work with. Hope this helps. Good luck.