Drapery Holdbacks

Any ideas on how to make your own drapery holdbacks?

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  • GrandmasHouseDIY GrandmasHouseDIY on Nov 01, 2017
    I saw someone use old glass doorknobs for drapes to hang back on, though it was lovely and just genius.

  • Roseann8628 Roseann8628 on Nov 01, 2017
    You will be amazed at the clever ideas on this Pinterest page- everything from using jewelry, rope, stuffed animals, a pipe . . . to create clever DIY tiebacks. Have fun! https://www.pinterest.com/explore/curtain-tie-backs/?lp=true

  • Christina Christina on Nov 01, 2017
    I made some for me some time ago: bought a couple of very nice antique soup spoons, folded them and attached them to the wall, then let the drapes go around them.

  • Joyce Holden Joyce Holden on Nov 01, 2017
    You can use fancy butterfly type hair clips to keep the curtains open. Or you can use vinyl coated cup hooks, attached to the window frame, then use a length of braided ribbon or a long necklace to hold the curtain to the cup hook.

  • Mar24787706 Mar24787706 on Nov 01, 2017
    I have used black chains......also the fabric from the material that I made the drapes............made extra long and tie in front ........ribbon........the possibilities are endless

  • Cynthia H Cynthia H on Nov 01, 2017
    Vintage door knobs are also pretty for holding back curtains.

  • Jean Jean on Nov 01, 2017
    Dresser knobs can all be used, and the variety is big you can find to go with any decor

  • Pat Pat on Nov 01, 2017
    At Christmas I use poinsettias and during the summer I used a strand of artificial green ivy. Have also used braided yarn or strands of colored beads. For a babies room you could use daisy braid or ribbon.