How to cover my bathroom windows while they build the house next door?

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  • 27524803 27524803 on Feb 28, 2018
    Spring rods with a light colored fabric... like a sheet... you can make them without sewing using a fusible tape... or just tape a garbage bag over the glass.

  • Janice Janice on Feb 28, 2018
    Hang pretty fabric over them just using thumbtacks. Or purchase a shower curtain that fits into the scheme of your need to see the construction. Depending on how many windows you have, you may need to do more than one. Also, a possibility is any kind of quilt, bedspread, or throw which may also keep some of the noise out. You'll have new neighbors soon. :)

  • Marti87114 Marti87114 on Feb 28, 2018
    I used a window cling/film. There are several colors and patterns to choose from. They are easy to put on and remove. You can cut them to any window shape and size. You still get the light without the peek-a-boo from daytime construction workers or nighttime dog walkers. They can be temporary or permanent. The cost can range from about $6 to $50 per roll. I found them at Walmart, Amazon, Lowe’s and Home Depot.

  • Robyn.reviere Robyn.reviere on Feb 28, 2018
    You can purchase glass film in the decor area of The Home Depot. Usually located in the flooring department.

  • Trudi Trudi on Feb 28, 2018
    I assume you just want something temporary. I would put up command hooks and hang some fabric on them.

  • Jcraw Jcraw on Feb 28, 2018
    If you’re of a colorful mind, hang beautiful old scarves you no longer use. Or men’s ties. I’m not, so I love my bottom up/top down shades. I can let in as much light and breeze as I want, but still quite private. Prices now very reasonable for “custom” size if necessary.

  • Mogie Mogie on Feb 28, 2018
    Home Depot sells window film in a variety of patterns/colors. Nice that it is removable for cleaning or changing out the style.

  • Leisa Yeager Leisa Yeager on Feb 28, 2018
    Use tension rods if you temporarily..

  • Dianacirce70 Dianacirce70 on Feb 28, 2018
    there is a film you can get at the tome stores that is easy to apply and comes off pretty easily. It basically makes them appear smoked so you can't see if

  • Joy30150932 Joy30150932 on Feb 28, 2018
    You will need a permanent cover which will let the light in but still give you privacy. There are many choices out there.

  • Shore grandmom Shore grandmom on Feb 28, 2018
    Are you looking to protect your window from possible damage or to keep people from seeing in? If you don't want people to see in, you should make it a permanent solution. The advice above are good ideas.
    If you are looking to protect your window from possible damage, you could get a piece of plywood or osb and put it up. Be sure to cut it bigger than your window. You can screw it into the frame of the window. When construction is finished, take it down. If the window frame is wood, fill the holes with wood putty, sand when dry then give it a couple of good coats of paint. If your window frame is some kind of plastic or vinyl, you can get plugs and all you do is push them into the holes.
    All of this is probably not necessary. We've done a lot of construction, some of it very close to neighbors, and we have never had any damage to anyone's property. Good luck.

  • Janice Janice on Jan 09, 2021

    Just thumbtack a beautiful piece of fabric up for the time being.

  • Chas' Crazy Creations Chas' Crazy Creations on Apr 07, 2021

    You could use a tension rod and cut a curtain to fit temporarily. Something like what I did to create a privacy door here

  • Vimarhonor Vimarhonor on Apr 07, 2021

    Hello. You might consider using of commercial window cling. Their frosted and decorative options. We are upset that we spent so much money on pleated shades custom-made for our bathroom windows when this cling gives us complete privacy and bright natural illumination.