What can I do with this bay window?

I hung curtains awhile ago because of the sun in the summer. im just sick of this. Any ideas? P.s. The cat OWNS the counter!
q what can i do with this bay window
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  • Amanda Amanda on Mar 08, 2018
    I would definitely do shades or Roman shades on the windows! It will define the space better and look more put together. You could try to google bay window shade ideas or look on Pinterest. I just did it in my home, and it made a huge difference!

  • Jbe16758780 Jbe16758780 on Mar 08, 2018
    I think Plantation Shutters would look absolutely Beautiful, It would brighten the place up and also block out the sun.

  • 2dogal 2dogal on Mar 09, 2018
    I love plantation shutters or the less expensive alternative: 2 inch blinds. That said, I'm in the process of making top down, bottom up Roman shades in my family room as the windows are old and there is no inset space available for wood look blinds.

  • Linda Roark-Strummer Linda Roark-Strummer on Mar 09, 2018
    I have a west facing bay too. I had it put in after we bought the house so it has uv protecting glass. You might check into having your glass replace. My cat owns it too and he still loves sleeping there. I also put light curtains IN it rather than in front of it And I tie back the middle (for the cat).

  • Judie Morris Judie Morris on Mar 09, 2018
    There are wonderful pull down shades that can partially or completely block the sun. They can be ordered online and come in a myriad of colors. As the sun gets hot, just pull down the shades a little more! In colder areas, they help keep the heat in and the cold out!

  • Jan Clark Jan Clark on Mar 09, 2018
    I can see that you have an amazing view from the window. I'm sure you want to see it. The cat does! If you can't afford thermal windows (which are good), then I would go with what most commercial places do. First, place UV blocking film on the windows. It's easy to do, comes in a variety of shades and is invisible once in place. This stuff is great protection for everything from your eyes to your furnishings. Second, try the black or dark brown roll down shades that are especially for screening the sun. You'll probably have to order these on line. These two together will both keep out the heat and cold and allow you (and your cat) to admire your wonderful view of nature.

  • Dana Dana on Mar 09, 2018
    We put white solar shades in our west-facing windows. . . still let in light but block the glare . . . also heat and cold preventive. The other idea I have is just light sheers . . . again, letting in the light but not the bright sun. Would also make the area less heavy looking than the dark curtains you currently have.