Get A Squeaky Clean Pooch With A Shower

Cut PVC Pipes into a square and hook up a water hose. Get tutorial here

Craft A Custom Home For Your Furry Friend

Cut down the wood with a miter saw and glue down individual boards around the base. Get tutorial here

Have Your Puppy Sit To Measure Out A Bed

Literally place your dog on the center of the pallet to measure the bed to size and sand down the cut pallet. Get tutorial here

Make Snuggling Easier, By Building Stairs

Get two crates, one regular size and the other half sized, and stack them. Get tutorial here

A Cabana Paradise Special For Your Furbaby

Measure out a dog bed, use a dremmel to cut pvc piping, and fill the pvc with sand for stability. Get tutorial here

Place Doggie Poop Bags In A Stylish Place

Take an old container, cut down the center, and paint gold. Get tutorial here

Ring A Bell For Fido To Go Potty

Spray paint a small wood plaque and a hook, then screw together. Get tutorial here

For Big Dogs, Build A Raised Feeder

Create a feed bowl outline in barn wood and use tung oil to seal the wood. Get tutorial here

Keep Your Dogs Close With A Nightstand Bed

Cut out a door in the drawer and add a knob with hinges. Get tutorial here

Dig Out A Hole For A Puppy Patio

Smooth out the ground with a hoe and rake, then use adhesive glue to put down outdoor carpeting. Get tutorial here